What To Consider When Buying Hybrid Water Heaters: Insights From Water Heater Installation Experts | Denton, TX

What To Consider When Buying Hybrid Water Heaters: Insights From Water Heater Installation Experts | Denton, TX

Hybrid water heating systems, also called heat pump water heaters, are becoming popular, especially in this era where homeowners prefer energy-efficient systems. They use electricity to operate the unit, which consists of fans, compressors, evaporators, lower and upper thermostats, hot water outlet, cold water inlet, insulators, and condenser, to help extract heat from the air to ensure the production of hot water.

You can opt for condensing hybrid systems because they offer unmatched energy efficiency and are more durable than conventional water heaters. Hybrid water heaters are also the best for this technological or digital era, as some come with Smart App connectivity and leak guard technology. When used in the right atmosphere and with proper water heater installation services, they help reduce greenhouse emissions.

Before pinpointing the type of hybrid water heating unit you want for your home, it’s wise to consider the following aspects to inform your final decision.

Fuel Type

The first essential factor to consider when buying any water heating system is the type of fuel it uses. Most units are electric, while others use natural gas to heat water. Other people can also go for water heaters that use solar or propane, depending on their availability and accessibility. Geothermal energy is also another energy option for homeowners who already have geothermal heaters and coolers.

The hired professional can suggest using gas in water heaters with exhaust pipes or pilot lights. If the selected unit has none of those features, it is electric. For perfect performance, it is best to leave the water heater installation for the experts to ensure all electrical parts are well-connected and operational.

Energy Efficiency

Most folks who want to reduce the energy costs in their houses go for water heating systems that lower utility bills. Water heating in homes accounts for nearly 20 percent of the residential energy use in the country. Getting energy-efficient water heaters is the best way to reduce high energy bills. You can opt for hybrid water heaters to reduce your utility bills, especially if you live in a warm location.

Water heater installation contractors can help check the energy factor of the water heating unit before making recommendations for purchase. Manufacturers of water heating systems place a number that shows the amount of water the equipment can produce per unit and the energy it consumes a day.

So, the system is more efficient when the energy factor number is higher. Other aspects that can help reduce energy costs are the amount of hot water usage in homes and the type of fuel used. People prefer geothermal and solar energy sources for rapid reduction in utility bills.

Size of the Unit

Another factor to consider before getting yourself a hybrid water heating unit is size to avoid issues related to over-or-undersized systems. A certified installation technician can help you select the best type and size that meets the hot water needs in your home.

The professional can calculate the number of people in your household and the gallons of hot water that can serve them perfectly before deciding the appropriate size of the unit to purchase. For instance, if it is a storage water heating unit, a 50 to 60-gallon tank fits a household with at most three people, while a large tank can serve a maximum of six people.

First Hour Rating

Specialists in water heater installation also use the first-hour rating to determine the size of the heat pump water heater to get for your home. The first-hour rating is a vital aspect that can make you decide whether to buy the appliance. It entails the gallons of hot water the system provides every hour, which depends on the capacity of the tank, the size of the burner or heating element, and the source of heat.

A technician can check the EnergyGuide Label on the conventional water heating system, which has the first-hour rating, before allowing you to buy the water heater. Since the heat pump water heaters do not have the EnergyGuide label, the employed contractor with extensive experience in water heater installation can also get the first-hour rating on the product literature of manufacturers.

The best system has a first-hour rating that matches the highest energy use during the peak hour of hot water usage. Determining the peak hour demand requires the pros to know the time of the day with the highest gallons of hot water consumption and the people in the household.

Cost of the Unit

After determining the fuel type, first-hour rating, size, and energy efficiency, price is the final aspect to bear in mind. Knowing the cost of the hybrid water heating system will make you buy it or not, even if it meets the other selection criteria.

A professional and experienced water heater installation expert can help you find the overall cost of the system. They will add the purchase price, installation expenses, and operation bills. Doing this helps gauge whether purchasing the hybrid water heater is worth the investment.

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In a Nutshell

You cannot wake up and go straight to buy a heat pump water heater without considering a few factors that should help make the final purchase decision. It is best to have professional help in making the right choice for you and guide you through the water heater installation process.

The technician uses the number of people in your household and the amount of water usage to choose the right-sized system with the correct first-hour rating. Energy efficiency and the cost of the unit that entails water heater installation expenses are additional aspects that you should never overlook.

Get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for more information or see our previous blog on this topic here.

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