What Should I Consider When Buying A Tankless Water Heater? | Irving, TX

What Should I Consider When Buying A Tankless Water Heater? | Irving, TX

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A tankless water heater supports the use of multiple water outlets while maintaining the heat. It is also known as a demand water heater. Tankless water heaters go off when taps are closed and therefore they are very efficient. Compared to other water heaters, the tankless heater will serve you for long since it can have a lifespan of 20 years while other water heaters last for about 10 years.

You would be making a very smart decision if you buy a tankless water tank because it will cost you less money for maintenance and they are not too expensive compared to the traditional heater. Being tankless, it will use a smaller space than the older models. If you are considering buying a tankless heater you will benefit from its countless pros that outweigh its cons.

How Does a Tankless Heater Work?

When you open the water tap, a sensor of the flow senses that there is water that is going to the heater, and therefore the control panel is directed to start heating the water. If you are using a gas tankless water heater, its control panel works by stimulating the fan to bring in the air which then triggers the valve to open.

The valve allows the air to enter the heater and trigger the burner to start working. The heat from the flames on the burner is captured by the heat exchanger that will then channel it to tubing in the heat exchanger. The very hot water that comes from the heat exchanger is tempered by the mixing valve.

The tankless water heater has a temperature sensor that regulates the mixing valve, the gas valve, and the valve that regulates the flow of waterworks. When the temperature sensor detects variations in the water heater from the normal temperatures it will correct this by triggering a change in the valves. The gas tankless heater is fitted with ventilation on the roof that will let out the burnt gases and direct the good gas to the burner for heating.

What Are the Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters take a very small space and are as tiny as a suitcase. This makes them very convenient for smaller spaces and they can be installed on the walls or outside the house or at many water outlets in the house and they would still not look bulky.

They are also highly efficient because they can save you almost 30% energy if you normally use less than 40 gallons of heated water per day. If you use less than 80 gallons of water per day, the tankless water heater will save you approximately 10% energy. If you want to save even more energy, you should consider having a water heater for every tap. This makes the water heaters easy to maintain because using less energy also saves you money.

A tankless water heater does not have standby heat loss because it does not heat water when there is no water coming from the taps. Tankless water heaters are triggered to start working when there is water let down from the taps. This makes this type of water heater to be very efficient and reduce your water bills. Different types of water heaters are electric heaters, gas heaters, and propane water heaters.

Tankless water heaters have a long lifespan of about 20 years which is double that of the conventional water heaters. To add to this, the tankless water heaters are easily repaired because the spare parts can be readily found in the market. This type of water heater also saves your water bills because it only heats the water that is being used. It is the water let down that determines when the heater is working.

To enhance the convenience of your water heater and make it more effective when using many taps at the same time, you should consider buying a tankless water tap for every tap and appliance in your house. The electric type of a tankless water heater is environment friendly because it does not produce gases that can pollute the environment. You will need to hire a qualified plumber in Irving, TX who ensures that they offer you the best installation that will serve you for a long duration.

Tankless water heaters are also safer than conventional water heaters which can be noisy, can leak water, accumulate sediments and bacteria, stink and these older models could even burst when the pressure accumulated inside the tank. This can be hazardous to you and your children and even costly in terms of money spent on energy.

When going for vacations, you can easily turn off the tankless water heater compared to the conventional water heaters that need you to drain first and require a long time to go off. The benefits of a tankless water heater outweigh its drawbacks.

What Are the Drawbacks of a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters stop working or become less efficient when the water supply is low. They are also relatively expensive compared to conventional water heaters. The electric type of water heaters require extra circuits while the gas tankless water heaters may pollute the environment. They also have a longer lag time that means they may take longer to start working.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Tankless Water Heater?

It is important to consider the cost of the tankless water heater before buying it so you can decide if it fits in your budget. You should also consider the capacity of the water heater that you will require depending on how much water you use in your household. You should also consider installing many tankless water heaters to be installed at every tap because this will improve the efficiency of the heater.

You should also consider the space in your home because the tankless water heater is less bulky than the conventional water heaters and is thus suitable for smaller spaces. You should also consider the lifespan of the water heater and the maintenance cost and the availability of spare parts. Other factors to consider are the convenience that comes with a water heater and the comfort it will allow you.


Tankless water heaters are very efficient and take up less space than the conventional water heater. They will save you money because they use less energy and do not use wastewater. If you are considering installing a water heater in Irving, TX, you are looking at a more pocket-friendly and safer water heating method so go for it. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas today for any questions!

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