What Causes Kitchen Drain Clogging And How To Tackle It With Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

What Causes Kitchen Drain Clogging And How To Tackle It With Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

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The kitchen sink is among the most used drains in a household. It is a hub of constant activities from cooking, daily chores, and cleaning. While it acts as a smooth passage for water while washing dishes, other materials can clog it over time.

Clogs in the kitchen drain can cause chaos. All your kitchen activities halt and lead to significant inconvenience. Even minor clogs soon worsen the damage if you do not perform timely drain cleaning. You can hire efficient local plumbers in Richardson, TX, to clear your kitchen drains.

It helps to be aware of the factors that cause kitchen sink clogs. Read on to know the numerous causes that may be clogging kitchen drains and how to tackle them.

Common Causes of Kitchen Drain Clogging

Any accumulation that does not pass smoothly through the drain pipes leads to a clog. Regardless of whether your sink has a garbage disposal, it is recommended to avoid putting everything down the kitchen drain.

By knowing the common causes, you can take adequate measures to prevent them. It helps in saving high costs and time.

The most common causes of kitchen drain clogging that calls for drain cleaning in Richardson, TX, include:

Grease Build-up

Grease, fats, and cooking oils end up deceiving many with their liquid form. Homeowners tend to assume that, like water, grease runs down the drains smoothly. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Grease or oil can solidify after it cools down. Then, it sticks to the kitchen drain walls and accumulates other particles. The build-up soon causes a clog. You may need to hire a drain cleaning service if the blockage persists.

Pouring hot water along with the grease does not solve the issue. The grease may go further, but it eventually cools down and blocks the drain. So instead, dispose of any grease by pouring it into a trash container.

Food Particles

Leftover food is a primary cause of kitchen drain clogs. Some food items seem to pass through the sink. However, they get stuck within the drain pipes midway. Common foods that block drains include rice, beans, bread scraps, pasta, cereal, and potatoes.

These food items tend to expand when water mixes into them. They stick within the kitchen drains and restrict water flow. Avoid letting leftover food chunks down the sink. You can instead put them directly into the trash can before putting the dishes for washing.

Not only food chunks but even tiny food particles can stick to the drain pipes. It eventually creates a massive blockage. Proper cleaning of your drains is essential at the earliest to avoid excess accumulation.


Many believe that it is convenient and effective to wash their hair at the kitchen sink. While it may give you silky locks, you will most likely face a significant drain clog soon. Loose hair collects within the pipe, tangles up, and clogs the sink.

At times, it does not take a vast hairball to create a blockage. Loose hair can trap within the sludge that is already present in the drain.

You require the services of a professional drain cleaning company to clear the excess sludge. The faster you clear the drains, the better. Otherwise, the issue can aggravate, and you end up paying more for repairs.

Chemical and Soap Build-up

It may be surprising, but soap can also cause your kitchen drain to clog. Chemicals from soap merge with hard water that possesses several minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Then, it creates soap scum and restricts smooth water flow. Chemicals from the cleaning supplies that you use for your sink also cause similar issues.

Call a drain cleaning service if you find water pooling at your kitchen sink. Professionals can clear the blockage and protect your drain pipes from harsh chemicals.

Additionally, you can switch to drain-friendly or mild soaps and cleaning products.

Dirt and Debris

Another common cause of kitchen drain clogs is the build-up of dirt and debris. Most homeowners use a filter in the sink to collect debris. However, the dust may slip into the drain if you do not clean the filter regularly.

The dirt and debris soon accumulate and lead to a significant blockage. It calls for prompt cleaning.

Small Objects

Foreign objects such as rings, earrings, and small toys can also clog your kitchen drain. You may be accustomed to finding children’s toys at unusual places. However, make sure to tell the kids not to drop objects into the sink.

Toys and jewelry may mix with the existing debris within the drain pipes. It is essential to clear it up as soon as possible. You can hire a plumbing company for faster and efficient services.

What to Do When Your Kitchen Drain Clogs?

Once you notice a clog in your sink, it is crucial to clear it at the earliest, regardless of its intensity. If you overlook a minor clog, the issue soon worsens and causes more trouble.

If the blockage is lesser and not too deep, you may try plunging. However, its success also depends on your technique and the design of your kitchen drain. You can hire a drain cleaning service to resolve the issue without much hassle.

Additionally, avoid using chemical cleaning liquids, gels, and detergents. Excess chemicals release toxic fumes and may end up damaging the drain pipes. Professional drain cleaning equipment is necessary to prevent further damages.

Let the Local Professionals Handle Your Kitchen Drain Clogs

Are you dealing with a clogged kitchen sink? You can entrust the task to the experts and rely on an efficient drain cleaning service in Richardson, TX. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas today for an evaluation and professional cleaning.

We offer reliable and timely services. Our licensed and experienced plumbers are at your service 24/7 to cater to your plumbing needs. In addition, you can expect guaranteed, superior-quality cleaning that is effective and affordable.

Give us a call at 469-573-2535 to book an appointment. You may also visit our website for additional information on our drain cleaning expertise and services.

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