Tankless Water Heater Repair: What Can Go Wrong With Your Tankless Water Heater And What To Do About It | Irving, TX

Tankless Water Heater Repair: What Can Go Wrong With Your Tankless Water Heater And What To Do About It | Irving, TX

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Water heaters are an essential part of your daily life, and they continue to work in the background providing the comfort you want to enjoy every time you have a bath. No one thinks about the water heater unless something goes wrong with it.

The tankless water heater is an excellent investment for your home or office. They are energy efficient and can save a significant amount of money by providing hot water on demand. However, like every electrical appliance, issues can arise over time, and you need to call a tankless water heater repair service when the water heater is not working correctly. Here are some common issues with tankless water heaters that you should be aware of.

Mineral Build-Up

Irrespective of the type of water heater you use, you need to keep an eye on the mineral build-up inside the heater. The water quality in every area of Irving, TX, is not the same. Hard water refers to water with high mineral content. It can cause havoc on your home appliances, including your tankless water heater.

According to experts, a tankless water heater will develop a build-up known as Limescale, creating an insulation layer between the water and heat exchanger. The Limescale build-up will affect the efficiency of the water heater. Higher the mineral content in the water, faster the development of damaging build-up.

If the mineral content in the water supplied to your house is high and you notice a reduction in the water heater’s efficiency, call a tankless water heater repair service that can remove the build-up and make things right.

System Overload

Depending on the tankless water heater capacity, too many applications (many hot showers running simultaneously) can overload the water heater. The water heater might struggle to provide hot water to every connected outlet and shut down due to overload. If something of such kind happens in your house, you need to reduce the hot water applications in your home to reduce the system load.

If you cannot reduce the hot water applications, call the tankless water heater repair service to find a solution to your problem. Depending on your hot water requirements, tankless water heater professionals might advise you to install a higher capacity unit or add a second water heater to the existing setup that will automatically distribute the load.

Cold Water Sandwich

If your family takes back-to-back showers, you might have experienced the cold water sandwich problem with your water heater. Coldwater sandwich refers to a situation where you get warm water first, but then you are blasted with a cold water stream for some time before the water temperature climbs up again.

Though tankless water heaters are designed to provide instantaneous water, they still take some time to heat water. Though there is no solution to this problem, you can reduce the problem’s intensity by making some changes to the plumbing so that there is no hot water trapped in the pipes after the shower. Call a tankless water heater repair service and discuss the problem with them.

Exhaust Is Blocked

Tankless water heaters have an exhaust pipe. If the air supply or exhaust is blocked, the water heater will show an error code. When the water heater shows any error code, call the tankless water heater repair service immediately. The professionals will diagnose the issue and fix it for you.

Advantages of Calling Professionals to Fix Tankless Water Heater Issues

High-voltage electricity

A water heater installation or repair is not a DIY job. You might find many heater repair kits with instructions that are targeted towards DIY repairs. There are several dangers involved in water heater repair. The water heater uses a high-voltage system to operate at peak capacity. Even tankless water repair service professionals are careful and wear protective gear when handling water heater repairs.

Not many homes in Irving, TX, have the protective gear needed for water heater repairs. Without the safety gear, there are higher chances of electrocution. Besides electrocution, there is always a hidden danger of causing sparking or a burnt wire. Since water heater parts are interconnected, if you do not handle the damaged part carefully, it might damage other electrical components leading to costly repairs. You can avoid this by calling tankless water heater repair service professionals and let them perform the repairs.

Harmful Chemicals

Besides high-voltage electricity, you need to be aware of dangerous chemicals present inside the water heater. You should have adequate knowledge of handling these chemicals and disposing of them. Inhaling these chemicals can be bad for your health. Hence, you should always call a tankless water heater repair service to fix your water heater issues.


Tankless water heaters might be covered for 3,6,10, 12 years. It depends on the make and model of your water heater. If you attempt DIY repairs, there is a risk of violating the warranty conditions, and the appliance manufacturer may deny you the warranty coverage. Hence, you should always call tankless water heater repair professionals to deal with your water heater issues to keep the warranty intact.


The potential threat of damaging the electrical circuits or lines in your house looms when you perform DIY repairs. You might have heard of incidents where negligence or non-adherence to safety measures caused more damage to the appliance and the house. You must understand you need a trained and skilled professional to handle issues related to your water heater.

Given the danger of DIY repairs in the water heater, it would be a wrong decision to go for repairs by you. The tankless water heater repair service is known for its skilled technicians and quality service.

Call Local Pros to Deal With Tankless Water Heater Problems

If you notice anything wrong with your tankless water heater, you need to call professionals to handle it. For over a decade, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North DallasIrving, TX has helped people fix any issues with their tankless water heaters. If you have any questions or want to discuss any problem with your water heater, you can call us any day or any time of the year.

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