Say No To Chemical Drain Cleaner Products And Say Yes To A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Carrollton, TX

Say No To Chemical Drain Cleaner Products And Say Yes To A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Carrollton, TX

The chemical drain cleaning solutions are highly popular among homeowners because they appear convenient for those dealing with clogged drains and pipes. These products have been marketed as cheap and convenient options over drainage cleaning services offered by a plumber. Since you can purchase a bottle at almost any hardware store, they are easily accessible.

Unfortunately, the marketing adverts and campaigns conveniently fail to mention these cleaning solutions’ impact on your drainage system. The liquid drainage cleaning solutions damage your pipes, among many other issues that make them dangerous to use. This post ensures that you know about the dangers of using chemical drain cleaners rather than hiring a plumber in Carrollton, TX, to have your drains cleaned. But before then,

How Do These Chemical Drain Cleaner Solutions Work?

Chemical drain cleaners are common in foam, powder, crystal, liquid, or gel forms. However, they essentially all work similarly. The harsh chemicals that make these products react with the blockage, generating heat and gas. In the process, the obstruction is dissolved to ensure that wastewater can continue flowing. The high toxicity of the drain cleaners such as peroxide, lye, bleach, and others are hazardous if swallowed or inhaled; the drain cleaning solutions might prove fatal. When they come into contact with the skin, some drainage cleaning solutions might burn it. Unfortunately, it isn’t guaranteed they will work even after all these troubles. Hence, you better hire a plumber to clean the drains.

Dangers of Using Chemical Products

Short- and Long-term Respiratory Complications

The chemical drain cleaning solutions also feature ingredients that produce or emit toxic fumes. These fumes can have a serious impact on your respiratory well-being. The inhalation of these toxic fumes from the chemical products might cause inflammation of the lung tissues in the short term. It might also cause an inflammation of the upper airways, and this makes it harder or even more painful for you to breathe. The fumes could also irritate the nasal passage, resulting in sneezing or coughing.

In addition, regularly using these chemical drain cleaners products could also cause serious and long-term health complications. In a study by the University of Bergen, Scientists followed 6000 people that used these solutions for about 20 years. The study established that using chemical cleaning products, be it as an occupation or at home, caused a long-term decline in lung function akin to the 20 cigarettes a day habit. The fumes from such chemicals cause a little but steady damage to the respiratory system, and with time, you might begin to experience lung function failure. Therefore, why not have a drain cleaning service from your nearby licensed plumber in Carrollton, TX, rather than use toxic chemicals?

They Harm the Beneficial Septic Bacteria

Did you know that a septic system is a living ecosystem of bacteria that breaks down the wastes that find their way into the system? Using chemical drain cleaners means they will find their way into the septic system. Because they are harmful and toxic, they will kill the bacteria, reducing their population in the septic system. This effectively reduces the bacterial action in breaking down the wastes. Hence, the septic tank might get full quicker than expected. Rather than harm the drainage and septic system, have a plumber come over for a drain cleaning service to remove the obstructions.

If the septic system cannot operate properly, you are staring at a more complex and severe issue than a clog. For instance, you might need more frequent septic pumping because of the reduced bacteria population that cannot keep up with the septic system’s demands. Worse, if you still do not know that the septic system is troubled, you might start to see the sewer waste bubble up your drainage system. On the contrary, a plumber would notice such when they come to clean your drains.

They Might Damage the Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners utilize a blend of toxic chemicals that can easily burn through pipe obstructions. These chemical reactions will expose the pipes to gas and heat, clearing the pipe of any potential clogs. If you have polyvinyl chloride soft pipes or aged leak-prone pipes, this might be devastating to your plumbing system.

The chemical drain cleaner can cause more damage if it takes too long to unblock your clogged drain. A drain cleaner might be unable to unclog the pipes because of problems like tree roots penetrating through or a loose joint fitting. In these circumstances, the chemical drain cleaning solution is left to steam in your pipes, giving it plenty of opportunities to hurt. You should pay a plumber in Carrollton, TX, for a regular drainage cleaning service.

They Are Not Eco-Friendly

Since the chemical drain cleaners comprise harsh ingredients, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they can be damaging to other parts of your home. The drain where you pour the chemical cleaner ultimately leads to the immediate natural environment. Although the chemical drain cleaning products will go through the same treatment process as other items that go through the drains, they might also enter the groundwater and contaminate it. They can poison the wetland ecosystem and fish.

The chemical ingredients in these drain cleaners might also affect or poison the insects and birds. As if that wasn’t enough, the same ingredients could also release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are highly harmful to air quality. The researchers have established that the volatile organic compounds released by the cleaning products are a substantial air pollutant in urban areas. Hence, you should have a plumber clean your drains other than relying on these chemical compounds.

Safe Drain Cleaning with Your Reliable Plumbers

Chemical drain cleaning products are advertised as effective and cheap, but using them doesn’t guarantee results, and it will ultimately cost you more when they damage your pipes. Hence, other than exposing yourself to the dangers above, call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for a drainage cleaning service.

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