Plumbing Problems Can Cause Pest Problems | Insight from Your Trusted Denton, TX Plumbers

Plumbing Problems Can Cause Pest Problems | Insight from Your Trusted Denton, TX Plumbers

Concerned About Pests?

It is perfectly natural for Denton, TX residents to be concerned about pests. After all, pests wouldn’t be called pests if they didn’t possess the potential to create huge problems for people, meaning that they should be treated with seriousness. However, residents should know that they might have to call in the plumbers for such issues because a surprising number of pest problems can be traced to plumbing problems and vice versa.

How Can Plumbing Problems Contribute to Pest Problems?

Here are some examples of how plumbing problems can contribute to pest problems and vice versa:

A Busted Plumbing System Can Let in Pests

There is a wide range of potential causes for cracks as well as other small openings in a plumbing system. For example, high water pressure can put enormous strain on pipes, thus causing them to build up more and more stress until they reach a breaking point. Likewise, it is very common for tree roots to break into pipes in order to get at the water as well as other nutrients that can be found within. Whatever the exact cause of the problem, a busted plumbing system can make it much easier for pests to enter the home.

After all, pests are very good at getting into enclosed spaces. One excellent example can be seen in rats, which are so competent at squeezing through small openings that there is a popular rumor about them having collapsible skeletons. Another excellent example can be seen in cockroaches, which have been known to make their way into a home via openings that are just a quarter of their height by flattening their flexible exoskeletons as well as splaying out their legs. Under these circumstances, Denton, TX residents with a busted plumbing system should call in the plumbers as soon as possible because every opening is a potential entrance for pests.

A Busted Plumbing System Can Make Environments More Hospitable for Pests

Pests are living organisms. As such, they won’t enter a home unless they think that they have something to gain by it, whether that means food, water, security, or some other consideration. Unfortunately, a busted plumbing system can make an environment much more hospitable for pests, thus increasing the chances of said creatures wanting to make their way in before settling down. For those who are curious why this is the case, the simple answer is that pests such as rats and raccoons need steady sources of water, meaning that leaks from a busted plumbing system can be very helpful to them. As such, leaks are another case when residents should call in plumbers sooner rather than later if they want maximum peace of mind.

Pests Can Bust Plumbing Systems

Some pests can cause an enormous amount of damage within a very short period of time. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that some pests can cause plumbing problems that will need interested individuals to call in the plumbers. For instance, while termites are best-known for causing problems with wood, some termites can produce formic acid that can cause damage to plastic pipes. Likewise, there are other pests such as rats and cockroaches that can cause blockages in a plumbing system, which will require plumbers to clear out. Even worse, should such blockages be ignored, it is possible for them to increase the chances of leaks as well as other serious plumbing problems that can’t be fixed without the help of plumbers.

Why Is This Such a Huge Concern?

Speaking bluntly, pests are a huge problem. For some people, their first reaction to the thought of sharing a living space with pests will be one of disgust, which is more than enough reason for them to call in plumbers as needed to minimize the chances of such occurrences happening. However, it is important to note that disgust is far from being the only reason to prevent pests as well as remove pests by calling in plumbers and taking whatever other measures prove to be necessary.

First, pests can cause a surprising amount of damage to a building’s interior. For example, termites are infamous for causing structural damage. Likewise, rats have incisors that continue to grow throughout their lifespan, which is why they are constantly gnawing on things to keep them in check. As such, those who don’t want to pay expensive repair and replacement costs should call in a plumbing service as well as take every other measure needed to neutralize the pest threat.

Second, some pests can pose a threat to human wellbeing. Sometimes, this is in a very direct sense, as shown by snakes that can bite humans. Other times, this is in a more indirect sense, as shown by the pests that can spread pathogens to humans through contact, through their droppings, and through other vectors.

Third, even when pests don’t pose a serious threat to human wellbeing, they can still constitute a huge nuisance in that regard. After all, there are a number of pests that can trigger allergies, thus making for a miserable experience for those who are susceptible to said allergens.

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Denton, TX residents who suspect that they have a plumbing problem should call in the plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain as soon as possible. This is critical because plumbing problems tend to become worse and worse over time, with the result that what was once manageable can turn into something much more nightmarish with neglect. Plumbing problems mixed in with pest problems are particularly threatening because of their potential to feed into one another, meaning that there should be an even greater sense of urgency.

Still, urgency is no excuse for a lack of diligence. As such, we encourage interested you to speak with our representatives if you have any remaining questions that they would like to be addressed. This way, you can maximize your chances of making a truly informed decision.

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