Plumbing Myths: Truth or Garbage? The Drain Cleaning Edition | Carrollton, TX

Plumbing Myths: Truth or Garbage? The Drain Cleaning Edition | Carrollton, TX

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There are many myths regarding plumbing systems, particularly drain cleaning. Some have persisted for hundreds of years, and some have only been around for as long as your standard commercial drain cleaning product. Some myths are so outlandish, there is no way they are true, and others have persisted for so long, it is possible there is a kernel of truth to the myth. Here are seven of the most popular plumbing and drain cleaning myths.

Myth 1: With Drain Cleaning, DIY Is Best!

While we love a DIY, this myth is mostly false. It does have a small, true portion though! Drain cleaning can sometimes be nothing but a minor inconvenience and can be a quick, easy fix for the average drain owner. However, this is not always the case. What may seem like a small drain clog can quickly deteriorate into a very large problem. It is best to assess the problem, and if it cannot be solved with simple tools or standard cleaning formulas, the best plan might be to call in the experts.

Myth 2: Chemicals Are the Best Way to Clean a Drain

This myth is also partly true and partly false. There are many chemicals and specialized formulas that are marketed towards drain cleaning. While most are formulated to do the least amount of damage to the pipes and drain structures, while doing the most amount of damage to clogs and other obstructions, there are some that may not be worth the risk. In addition to being potentially bad for the environment, they can also be ineffectual in cleaning the drains or clearing a blockage. If some vinegar and hot water do not do the trick, it may be a problem for an expert.

Myth 3: Lemons Will Clean and Disinfect a Garbage Disposal

Possibly one of the oldest drain cleaning myths is the home remedy of lemons in the garbage disposal. While it is true that running lemon slices through your garbage disposal will cause your kitchen to have a pleasant, lemony smell, the fruit may be causing more harm than good. Lemon does have some disinfecting properties, but the acidity in the fruit can eventually cause parts of the drain system, including the garbage disposal, to break down. Even though a replacement will be needed at some point, avoid using lemons as a drain cleaning method to prolong the life of your system.

Myth 4: Fluctuating Water Pressure Is OK

This myth is false and can end up being extremely costly. Your water pressure should always remain steady. If your water pressure varies throughout the day or from room to room, there are a couple of potential causes. There may be a clog that is not large enough to completely block the pipes and is able to break loose and move through the system occasionally. Another potential cause is a water leak. While a clogged pipe can be costly and time-consuming, a water leak can be devastating, especially if it has been happening for a period of time. Always call in an expert as soon as you notice any water pressure fluctuations.

Myth 5: Showering During a Lightning Storm Is Dangerous

This myth certainly seems like a wild tale, possibly told by a tired parent who just wants their child to go to bed, but it is absolutely true! While it may seem like lightning would not be able to reach you inside a modern building with modern plumbing, that is not the case. This is one myth that sounds impossible and unreasonable but it can actually be very dangerous. Both water and metal can conduct electricity, and showering during a lightning storm can increase your risk of electrocution. Even though the risks of actually being struck by lightning while outside are low, and the risk of being struck while in the shower is even lower, this may not be a chance you want to take. Most storms in Carrollton, TX will blow over quickly, and you will be able to take your bath or shower then.

Myth 6: Ice Cubes Will Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal Blades

This is another myth that has persisted through the ages and does seem like a reasonable way to extend the life of your garbage disposal blades. It turns out that being able to use ice to clean your garbage disposal and sharpen the blades is true! There is a reason this myth has hung around as long as it has. If your freezer has an ice maker, or you have ice cube trays, you have the tools you need for a cheap and easy way to keep your garbage disposal as good as new. Simply place several ice cubes into the drain, turn on your water, and run the disposal until the ice has been chopped up!

Myth 7: Grease Can Go Down the Drain Without a Problem

This myth is absolutely false. While you may be able to flush any oil or grease down the sink while it is still liquid, and with hot water, it will harden further down the drain to cause a blockage. Even though grease is a common kitchen byproduct, it cannot be poured down the drain. The best way to dispose of grease is to freeze it and throw it away, or pour it into a tinfoil-lined bowl, let it harden, and then put it in the garbage can for disposal.

If you have fallen victim to any of these myths while living in Carrollton, TX, fear not! Simply contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas has experts available around the clock, to help prevent or mitigate a disaster. Call or message today for a free estimate!

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