Plumber Tips: What to Do About Rusty Water In Your Taps And How Experts Can Help | Denton, TX

Plumber Tips: What to Do About Rusty Water In Your Taps And How Experts Can Help | Denton, TX

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Every time you open a tap in your dwelling, you wish to see clear, sparkling water. And with filtered water becoming a fundamental need in recent times, clean water is a highly desired commodity for maintaining your and your family’s good health.

But, you may face different water-related issues, one of the worst problems being rusty water. If you want to address the concern right away, the ideal way is to contact a local plumber immediately. If you live in and around Denton, TX, you may consider booking an appointment with our experts.

Check If the Issue Is In Your Home or the Water Main

If the off-colored water appears suddenly, it is most likely that the cause may lie outside your home. On the other hand, your house may have an ongoing issue of discolored water.

In the first scenario, you may call the water supply authorities first. But in both situations, a trusted professional can detect the issue straight away and offer the appropriate services to resolve the rusty tap water issue in your home.

Ascertain the Cause of Rusty Tap Water

You don’t need to perform a laboratory test to confirm if the impurity in a water sample is indeed rust. A red or even an orange tinge to your tap water betokens oxidized iron, commonly referred to as rust.

While rusty water can leave unsightly stains in your expensive porcelain fittings, they don’t pose serious health hazards. However, one exception is when you get afflicted with a rare disorder known as hemochromatosis, a condition in which your body accumulates excess iron levels.

Thus, finding the root cause of rusty tap water becomes essential. Here are some visual indicators that can help you decide when to call an experienced plumber to investigate and do the necessary repair to avoid rusty water problems.

Rusted Pipes

When you turn your faucets on and off, it causes the pressure inside the pipes to change repeatedly, leading to slackened rust to displace from the line. It discolors the water, which makes way through your water supply system, into your bathrooms and kitchen sinks.

On the other hand, galvanized pipes are also a known cause for dispensing rusty water. A Professional typically replaces problematic galvanized pipes with copper plumbing fittings as a plausible remedy.

Water Heater

Ideally, your steel water heater will have an inner protective coating of porcelain enamel to keep a tab on the corrosion level. However, over time, this enamel wears out, causing the steel to corrode. It creates flakes that settle on the bottom of your water heater tank, which eventually degrade and form rust particles, making your tap water rusty.

Moreover, every water heater has a lifespan, typically ten years, after which it starts leaking, causing the rust deposit to make its way through your water supply.

A skilled plumber will check for discolored water at multiple locations in your dwelling. And if they observe rusty water coming only from your hot water fixtures, they infer the cause to be your water heater. An expert can regularly service your tank to avoid corrosion and rust from seeping into your water line.

Anode Rod

Anode rods are an essential module of tank-style water heaters. These rods, being made of more corrosive material such as zinc and magnesium, attract the corrosion away from the tank’s interior, thus making them sacrificial.

But, while it protects the steel lining through electrolysis, a chemical reaction that causes the rod to corrode, it can most likely get affected to the extent that it might not do the job it’s designed to do.

Our licensed plumber will look for a rusty appearance on the rod, such as considerable depletion or if it’s broken, to decide if it needs replacement.

Check with Experts for Possible Solutions

You may look for a highly competent plumber who applies correct techniques to overcome the rusty tap water issue in your home. You may also confirm if they have the necessary licenses and certifications to carry out the required service.

Professionals in Denton, TX, try identifying the source and gauge the perils of rusty tap water in your home. They look for scenarios such as your hot or cold or both water lines suddenly going brown to determine the best possible solutions.

Cold Water

Our expert plumber will first run your faucets at full blast for several minutes or until the water appears completely clean again. In this process, water comes from the inner pipes, forcing the rusted piece to dislodge, resolving the issue immediately.

But, if the water from your faucets remains rusty, they check for corroded pipes in your water system. The corrosion causes minerals to enter your water supply, degrading the water further.

Top professionals offer deep cleaning service and, when required, replace the pipes to make your tap water appear clean.

Hot Water

You may observe your tap water to be rusty, strictly when you run hot water. In such scenarios, an experienced plumber will suggest fixing the issue by draining your water heater.

And suppose even after you flush the unit, let it refill, and heat up, the water remains rusty, you may reach out to our professional plumbers. The reason being that too much sediment build-up could perhaps permanently damage your water heater, causing it to explode in the worst case. You can see effective results and avoid potential leakage if you engage an expert to clear the sediment build-up inside the water heater twice a year.

Both Hot and Cold Water

When you have both your hot and cold-water faucets producing rusty tap water, an adept plumber will recommend reporting the issue to your water supplier. It is a sign that a fire hydrant or water main may have caused the problem at your home.

Once the water supply company fixes the issues, our experts can offer advanced services to ensure the water does not continue to remain rusty. They will run your taps for a few minutes to confirm your tap water isn’t reddish any longer.

Contact Your Local Plumber Today

If you notice discolored water from the faucets in your home, contact our experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North DallasDenton, TX. Feel free to call us at 469-573-2535 to schedule an appointment with our licensed experts.

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