How Can A Plumber Solve Low Water Pressure Issues In Your Home? | Denton, TX

How Can A Plumber Solve Low Water Pressure Issues In Your Home? | Denton, TX

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Low water pressure can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are standing in the shower or washing your dishes. If the pressure has gradually declined and is on the verge of shutting off, you must look for the reasons that are causing low water pressure in your house. You can check with the Denton, TX water supply department as sometimes the water pressure is down from their end.

But if that’s not the case and the problem is limited to your house, then you need to call a plumber to diagnose the reasons that have resulted in low water pressure. So, here are some ways a professional can help you.

Fix Outdated Fixtures or Old Pipes

Old fixtures become faulty over time, which could be why you are experiencing low water pressure. Also, the buildup of deposits, such as rust, limestone, or sediment can damage them and prevent water from flowing smoothly. This affects not only the water flow but the quality of water that’s coming out of them.

If the water pressure is low and you experience a weird taste or discoloration, corrosion in the pipes is the reason. In other cases, the low pressure could be due to the old lines, which have some buildup or leakage preventing water flow.

If you live in an old house in Denton, TX, you must look for a plumber who can identify damaged pipelines. A professional can fix the broken lines and change those damaged or broken and save you from potential damages.

Check Main Shutoff Valve

The main shutoff valve is a gateway for the water entering your home. It’s usually located in the basement or the utility area. So, if this valve is not opened correctly, it will limit the water passing through the supply line. Likewise, if you shut off the valve, it will completely cut off the water supply.

If you don’t know how to check your shutoff valve, you can call a local plumber to do so. A professional can also tell you how to shut it in case you have a leak and you want to cut off the water supply to prevent damage to your house.

Inspect Water Meter Valve

Like the main shutoff valve, the water meter valve also affects the water flow in your house. Unlike the main shutoff valve, the water meter valve belongs to the city. So, you must call a professional to inspect the meter valve as you can’t do it. It is usually located at the right of the water meter, and if you see the handle parallel with the water pipe, the valve is open.

But if you notice it’s in some other direction, it is tempered with. You need to contact a professional to open your water meter valve and examine if the water flow is resumed or not.

Fix Water Heater Problems

You might not know, but the hot and cold-water systems can greatly affect the flow of water. Local homes are incomplete without water heaters, and a fault in it could be the reason your water pressure is low. Most commonly, there are two main reasons: hard water buildup and a problem with the valve.

Hard water built-up occurs when minerals and sediments accumulate in your heater over time. The more the buildup, the less will be the flow of water.

Another reason is when your water heater valve is not completely opened or closed. If the valve is partially opened or damaged, you might see a low water pressure. Hence, it’s recommended that you call a professional to check if there is any problem with your water heater. A professional can tell you if your heater needs repairs or a complete replacement.

Identify Clogged Aerator Screen

If you closely look at your faucet, you will notice a mesh-like screen. This is the aerator screen. It is a crucial component of your faucet as it controls the flow of water and helps save water as the water passes through its tiny holes.

If the aerator screen in your faucet is clogged, it can decrease the water flow. The best thing about a clogged aerator is that it will not be as problematic as any clogged line. You should call your plumber to check if your faucet will be okay after cleaning the aerator screen or needs a replacement.

Replace Faulty Water Pressure Regulator

Most homes in Denton, TX, have a water pressure regulator to control water flow. Your water pressure could go unusually high or very low if there is a malfunction in your water pressure regulator or it is wearing out. Such malfunction can happen suddenly, and the changes in the water flow will be visible throughout your home.

Your plumber can check the water pressure using a water pressure gauge. If they see the water level is too low, they might suggest you replace it. Replacing the regulator requires closing the water meter valve, which comes under the water department. So, an experienced professional can be trusted to prevent tampering with the valve.

Inspect Leakage in Your Home

Leakage or blockage in any part of your plumbing system can undermine the water flow and lead to other potentially bigger problems if ignored. If you are facing low water pressure issues, don’t ignore them. Check for any water leakage underneath the cabinets and behind kitchen countertops.

A plumber has the tools to determine if the low pressure of water is because of clogging or leakage. By identifying the root cause, they can suggest a solution that can resolve the problem. Also, they will help prevent any further issues that you may face due to leakage or blockage.

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