Finding Your Perfect Plumber | Denton, TX

Finding Your Perfect Plumber | Denton, TX

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Summer is in the air, if not yet marked on the calendar, and now is the time to schedule your plumber for a visit to shore up any outdoor plumbing issues that you might have around your home. While we often take great pains to ensure that indoor plumbing is running with efficiency, the outdoor aspect of your home’s expensive plumbing system sometimes gets left behind. This easily translates to big problems (and increased repair expenses) when you’re in the throes of a heat wave and your exterior plumbing decides to rear its potentially ugly side. Let’s look at some common outdoor plumbing issues and what you can do to get outside plumbing ready for the long dog days of summer that lie just around the corner.

De-Winterize Your Outdoor Plumbing

If you took extra caution prior to the winter months to properly close down your outdoor plumbing for the season, now is the time to reverse the process. Connect hoses and inspect them for wear, uncover hose bibs, turn off heat cables if you have them, and give everything a good look to make sure the system has no visible leaks or cracks. Now is also a good time to clear away any debris and leaves from your Denton, TX, home’s gutter system so that you don’t end up with standing water later on down the road when gutters fail to work as they should. Not inclined to climb the ladder? Your plumber is more than capable of providing gutter-clearing services for you.

Sewer System on Point?

A blocked sewer is an olfactory offender even in milder weather; throw in a few weeks of searing, unrelenting 90-degree July Texas heat and your nose is likely to rebound more than usual if your sewer system malfunctions. One of the most common problems with sewers is backups and blockages. Your home’s sewer lines remove the wastewater coming from your home into the sewer maintained by your city’s or municipality’s (or to your own septic tank, depending on your property’s setup). If your sewer starts to back up, you’ll probably smell it before you see any issues that result, including soggy areas in the lawn. You may notice pipes gurgling or your toilet or washer backing up with waste into a tub or sink.

Often the culprit is a clog caused by flushing things down the toilet or other drains that shouldn’t be flushed, including feminine sanitary products or food. Another factor may be tree roots that grow into the pathway of your sewer pipes, eventually growing through the pipe and causing a major blockage. Even if you have no problems and don’t suspect a sewer leak now, it’s good practice to allow a licensed professional to conduct a proper camera inspection of your sewer system to stave off any problems down the road.

Sprinkler System Ready to Go?

Your plumber should also take an annual look at your home’s sprinkler system prior to the commencement of its most-active period – summer. Sprinkler systems are notorious for springing leaks underground that end up wasting tons of water and causing soft spots in the lawn. If you notice any soggy or depressed areas or spots with bubbling water coming from the soil below, be sure to let your plumber know so that it can be remedied prior to the start of the season. Turn your system on and notice if all the heads pop out. If not, there’s an obvious issue. Among those heads that do arise from their positions in the ground, is water flowing freely at the appropriate rate? Sometimes the heads become clogged and will rise from the ground but fail to emit any water. Don’t worry, your plumber can remedy the issue. If the water pressure powering the sprinkler system seems to be too low, then you may need to have your plumber adjust the valves or backflow device for the system. Keep in mind that it may seem like a simple fix, but sprinklers are delicate and easy to break, so it’s best to leave repairs to the pros.

Pool Plumbing Woes?

Water pooling up around your swimming pool? Soggy areas in the lawn around it? You may have an issue with your pool’s plumbing system, so reach out to your plumber ASAP. Your plumber has the tools needed to diagnose any issues with the plumbing lines servicing your pool so that you can get things back to good quickly and before too much damage occurs. If you have an outdoor shower or pool house, it is a good idea to have the professional take a peek at it too to ascertain the ongoing health of any plumbing there, ensuring there are no clogs or leaks that might disrupt your enjoyment and put a damper on swim season.

Hose Bibs in Tip-Top Shape?

Whether you have an outdoor garden or just a ton of houseplants, you probably rely heavily on your outdoor hoses for summertime chores. One of the most important components of your outdoor plumbing system are its hose bibs. If they malfunction, you can experience a big loss of water in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, winter is never kind to these all-important connections to your outdoor plumbing fixtures. Small leaks and cracks are sufficiently serious to cause an upset in your entire outdoor water supply. Have your plumber give them a knowledgeable once-over to make sure they’re ready for whatever you throw at them this season.

No matter the season, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Denton, TX, stands ready to leap into action to tackle plumbing problems both big and small. Reach out now for help with getting your exterior home plumbing ready for the summer fun ahead.

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