Emergency Plumber Tips: ​​What Should You Do If Your Bathroom Gets Flooded? | Irving, TX

Emergency Plumber Tips: ​​What Should You Do If Your Bathroom Gets Flooded? | Irving, TX

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No matter how many precautions you take, plumbing mishaps are inevitable. Even the best–kept homes in Irving, TX, can have clogged toilets or bathrooms. Bathroom floods are one of those catastrophes that most people fear.

An experienced emergency plumber can come to your rescue if you are dealing with a bathroom flood. These floods are triggered when the toilet pipe is run over or freezes and breaks in winter. Other reasons for bathroom flooding are sewage backup and faulty plumbing.

All homeowners should have a basic knowledge of the steps they should carry out if the bathroom gets flooded. These pointers can help you manage bathroom flooding disasters till the plumber gets to your home.

Step One – Shut Off the Source

As per leading plumbers, the first thing to do is find the water valve and shut it off before it worsens. Most water sources running into your house will have local stops/valves.

For example, your toilet plumbing system will have a stop where the toilet meets the floor. You need to turn the knob to the right to stop the water flow. The same stop arrangement is provided below washbasins and kitchen sinks. If you cannot find stops to shut off the water supply, call an emergency plumber immediately.

Step Two- Handle the Electricity

Once you have closed the water source, the next thing to do is ensure your safety. Look around in your Irving, TX home and see if there are any electrical appliances near the flooded area. If you see any electronic items submerged in water or wet, stay away from the water and switch off the electricity supply.

If you see the flooded area is safe and none of the electrical appliances were drenched in flood, remove them from the flooded bathroom and keep them in a dry place. You can also call a plumber to check bathroom appliances.

Step Three – Soak Up the Water

After you have switched off the electric supply and removed electrical appliances from the flooded area, soak up the water as much as possible until an emergency plumber arrives.

You can use towels or mops to soak up water. If the water is spreading to other parts of the home, spread towels on the floor to contain water and prevent its spreading. It would help if you used wet vacuum cleaners to soak up water.

After you have soaked up water from the flooded area, try moving the furniture to dry areas. You can also cover furniture legs with plastic bags to protect them from water/moisture damage.

Open the windows in the room to allow the water to evaporate. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it one which will speed up evaporation. If you have a table fan, switch it on and point it towards the floor.

Step Four – Fix It Quick

There are several ways to fix your bathroom plumbing issues that might have caused bathroom flooding. If you can reach the cracked pipe or damaged pipe, take fiberglass tape or epoxy putty to seal the crack temporarily.

Plumbers mention temporary fixes will not hold for a long time, and you may have to face another bathroom flooding event sooner. Hence, you should always call an emergency plumber to fix the issue permanently.

Know About the Causes

Experts say prevention is always better than cure. Bathroom flooding events happen suddenly, but the causes are visible for a long time and often ignored. Here are some causes of bathroom floods.

Plumbing Malfunctions

It is common for plumbing pipes to burst in severe winter. However, plumbers say older pipes are more likely to burst. As the pipes become old, they lose strength and the ability to withstand pressure. Before the arrival of winters, call an emergency plumber to perform a plumbing inspection and remove/replace any components that may not survive harsh weather.

Toilet Overflows

Backed-up sewer laterals and blocked toilet traps are some of the causes of toilet overflows. If you see the toilet is not getting appropriately flushed, call an emergency plumber for an inspection. The plumber will determine the cause and clear toilet traps, and clean sewer laterals to prevent toilet overflows.

Clogged Pipes

When you flush your hair and wet wipes down the drain, they are more likely to get clogged frequently and increase the chances of bathroom floods. To prevent clogged pipes, you need to call an emergency plumber to inspect your drainage system and clear all clogged pipes. Regular cleanup will reduce the probability of bathroom floods.

Sewer Backups

Tree roots are known to invade drainage systems in search of water. They can break the drain pipes and cause blockage. Sewer backups do not happen all sudden. You will often notice the water from the bathroom, toilets backup, and take time to clear. It is generally an indication of a sewer backup that has just started.

If you notice such things, you should call a drain cleaning service to inspect your drainage system. The drain cleaning professionals have advanced tools to cut tree root blockages. They can suggest the best solution possible to prevent sewer backups.

Contact Us If You Have an Emergency

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas is one of the best flood cleanup companies in Irving, TX. We have helped hundreds of Irving residents to deal with the wet mess in their homes. Our trained and experienced emergency plumber can help you deal with bathroom floods and fix the plumbing issue for you. Besides help in managing wet mess, we also offer emergency floor repair service that will help get your home in tip-top condition.

We’re available seven days a week at 469-573-2535. If you find yourself in a bathroom flood that you can’t handle or need some quick assistance, give us a call, and we will send a local emergency plumber who will reach your home quickly and help you deal with the wet mess effectively.

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