Do You Need An Emergency Plumber To Help With Water Damage? | Richardson, TX

Do You Need An Emergency Plumber To Help With Water Damage? | Richardson, TX

It’s normal for a homeowner to worry about their plumbing because of the costs associated with water damage. No one wants to ever come home to a flooded basement or kitchen. Who do you contact whenever there’s a risk of water damage in your home or business? Get in touch with an emergency plumber immediately to help you resolve the problem. Or if you suspect there might be issues that can lead to a major plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas ASAP. Our plumbing experts are always ready to assist. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about water damage and how you can prevent it.

What Is Water Damage?

When you think about water damage, homeowners usually think of a flooded basement or burst pipes. Yes, both are synonymous with water damage. Burst pipes can do significant damage to your home, especially your home’s foundation. And if you have a water heater stored in the basement, you need to properly maintain your unit to avoid leaks that can lead to a major plumbing emergency.

Water damage can also take the form of hidden leaks. If you see water spots in the walls or in your ceilings, they indicate leaks in your plumbing. We suggest you get in touch with an emergency plumber in Richardson, TX for professional leak detection.

If your water bill is suddenly higher this month and you have low water pressure as well, there’s likely a leak in your plumbing. Get in touch with an emergency plumber right away so he can thoroughly inspect your plumbing system and locate the leak.

Why You Need to Be Mindful of Your Home’s Water Pressure

As mentioned, low water pressure can indicate a leak in your plumbing. And if you have a conventional water heater, sediment can also build up faster. You’ll have an even bigger problem if you don’t address the problem. Call an emergency plumber so he can help you fix the issue.

High water pressure will need to be also addressed because it can severely strain your plumbing pipes. Older pipes can easily break when there’s high water pressure. You’ll know there’s high water pressure when you have noisy pipes. Or you can use a water pressure gauge to check your home’s water pressure. If it’s above 60 PSI, that means it’s high. We suggest you get in touch with an emergency plumber to install a water pressure regulator.

Don’t take your plumbing for granted or it might be too late. Imagine how much it would cost you to replace appliances damaged by leaks or when you have to call restoration companies to prevent mold growth in the basement. If you suspect an issue with your plumbing or a possible leak, call an emergency plumber immediately for professional leak detection. And bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas is always here to help. You can always count on us, especially during emergencies for we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to Maintain the Water Heater

As a homeowner, it’s your job to drain the water heater at least once a year to get rid of the sediment inside the tank. You need to remove the sediment buildup to keep the efficiency of your water heater and maximize the service life of your unit. Hiring an emergency plumber to professionally inspect your unit can also help. Our plumbing experts can inspect your water heater to ensure you have clean water and there are no issues with your unit.

If your water heater tank is more than 7 or 10 years, consider replacing that with an energy-efficient unit to save money. Go with a tankless water heater because it’s one of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market. Compared to the conventional water heater, you’re not constantly heating the water with the tankless unit as you only consume energy when you turn on the shower, making it more energy-efficient. Call an emergency plumber today to install your new water heater.

Get Leak Detection Devices

Plumbing pipes can burst during winter when they’re not properly insulated. When the temperature drops to freezing, it’s possible for water inside exposed pipes to freeze and the pipes can expand and burst. This is why we recommend that homeowners secure their plumbing pipes to avoid leaks.

You can also prevent further damage to your plumbing by installing leak detection devices in your home. Place these leak detection devices near your plumbing pipes, water heater or garbage disposal. Make sure the leak detection devices are connected to your mobile phone so that you can get important alerts or leaks in your plumbing. Leak detection devices can detect leaks and other unusual activities in your plumbing and you’ll be alerted. The safety devices can also turn off your water to prevent further damage. Call a plumber today to help you install leak detection devices in your home.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas

We are a friendly and trusted plumbing company. If you need the services of an emergency plumber to take care of burst pipes and other plumbing emergencies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas offers 24/7 emergency services to cater to homeowners and businesses that need immediate plumbing service. We can help with major repairs, installations and maintenance. Our goal is to make our clients happy so trust that we will always work hard and go the extra mile to ensure the issue is resolved and you’re completely happy with our services. 

Are you looking for a plumber in your area? Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas today for an appointment.

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