Do You Have An Emergency Plumber On Speed Dial? There May Be More To Your Plumbing Problems | Irving, TX

Do You Have An Emergency Plumber On Speed Dial? There May Be More To Your Plumbing Problems | Irving, TX

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Do you have frequent leaks or drain system backups that keep you calling in for urgent repairs? In many cases, at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, we’ve found that our customers with frequent emergency plumber issues in Irving, TX have problems that go deeper than repairing a leak or snaking a drain. Our expert plumbing team has the experience to find out what’s really going on, and make the repairs that take care of the root problem, whether it’s a deeper clog that’s affecting many sinks and toilets, or a leak that’s a sign of aging or corroded pipes and is likely to repeat and cause damage until the pipes are taken care of. Our team’s experience as emergency plumbers makes them highly skilled at looking for signs of possible trouble during plumbing inspections as well. We can make sure that you, the homeowner, are well informed and can plan more of your home’s repairs, rather than having to call an emergency plumber and perform cleanup after unexpected plumbing incidents.

Tending to Drains on Your Own Terms

It’s a good idea to avoid drain blockages from objects falling into sinks and toilets, and quantities of paper, rice, and other materials that gather and block drains, often further down. What about all the other blockages that occur that are hard to avoid and difficult to reach? The flow of your drain system, especially horizontal pipes, should be designed to keep both liquid and solid waste flowing down together. Accumulations of fats, oils, and grease can snag materials along the way, as can the rough interior of corroded pipes after years of exposure to hard water.

These speed bumps in your drains can reduce the velocity of your flushes and sink emptying making it even easier for more material to gather and create more clogs, and the scenario repeats until you start to have a repeating sink and toilet trauma that clears easily enough, but seems to happen awfully frequently. Sometimes, a clog in the right location can cause slow drains and backups in multiple sinks and toilets, and even the strange effect where a flush here leads to a wastewater ejection there.

Fortunately, we have the technology to reach these clogs as they build and remove them, either by extraction or by breaking them apart and letting them flow down and out your drain and sewer system. We use augers, snakes, and hydro jet high-pressure sprays, and to focus our efforts and evaluate the results, we have video inspection cameras that travel down the pipes and reveal the problem so there’s no guesswork. Video also reveals the condition of the pipes, and if corrosion of metal or degradation of plastic is a factor, we can address it before multiple leaks spring and regular emergency plumber visits become a habit.

Emergency Plumbers Have Insight from Experience

The horizontal pipe clog is a good example of how an experienced plumber can understand the principles behind plumbing problems, and tend to less common issues when they arise. Horizontal pipes in most homes have a slight tilt to them, specified in a specific range that keeps the wastewater flowing, but not so fast that the water zips away and leaves the solid matter building up in the pipe. In the event that a pipe that should have a tilt gets installed nice and level, it’s likely to have a tendency to develop clogs. If it’s a serious problem, the emergency plumber might suggest an investigation and repair.

Another, much more common source of what seems like a clog, usually on the upper floor of a multi-story home, is actually the effect of a partially or fully blocked plumbing vent on the roof. A bird builds a nest, and the air that’s supposed to be drawn in to allow wastewater to flow becomes limited. Toilets gurgle instead of flushing quickly, and sinks are slow or even stagnant. A plunger might seem to have an effect, but in the end, the solution is on the roof, not down the drain. An experienced emergency plumber knows when to refocus efforts on the unexpected cause, rather than persistently trying to root out the typical problem. Homeowners benefit from a true solution to the problem.

Where There’s One Water Line Leak, There May Be Others

A professional emergency plumber may, when addressing a leak in your home’s water supply pipes, realize that the age of your home and the material your pipes are made of suggests trouble to come. Certainly, it’s important to talk about whether replacing pipes in your home, strategically or completely as many homeowners do, can be a solution. If your home is likely to go on the market, it can be a positive factor when potential buyers see that parts of your plumbing are up-to-date already. The emergency plumber may suggest, though, that there may be other leaks to detect, and these days that doesn’t mean digging through concrete or cutting into walls, or digging in the yard to check your water line. Our leak detection technology is fairly advanced and can use ultrasonic leak identification and location to determine if there are other leaks and, if so, their approximate location. A targeted fix can then be performed, avoiding further damage inside your walls, or expensive wasted water in your yard or under your foundation slab.

The Wisdom of Experienced Plumbers, Available in Irving, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, our plumbers have seen a lot and can save you a lot in Irving, TX by addressing the basic causes of plumbing problems to avoid repeated repairs. We are trained on the latest technologies for leak detection, pipe, and sewer line repair, and appliance and fixture installation. We are also glad to answer your questions and help you become a more informed homeowner. Give us a call for emergencies and planned projects.

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