Dependable Plumbing Repair | Denton, TX

Dependable Plumbing Repair | Denton, TX

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Denton, TX is a cute, little city that is the county seat of Denton County, TX with an estimated population of 140,000 residents and is conveniently located to both Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. The city came about in 1846 when a land grant allowed the city to incorporate 20 years later.

Denton was named after Texan Captain and colonizer John B. Denton. Denton really expanded with the railroad line constructed in 1881 and loads of people took to the area and built a community.

In 2011, Denton was the seventh-quickest growing city with a population of over 100,000 people in the city. Located in northern Dallas and Fort Worth, our town makes commuting to Dallas and Fort Worth easy due to Interstate 35 for people who live in northern Dallas but work in the big cities but appreciate the calm suburb of Denton.

Visiting Dance

There are plenty of reasons to visit this little town, including the active music scene, the Arts and Jazz Festival which draws hundreds of thousands of music lovers, and the slightly more modest 35 Music Festival is growing every year. Another extraordinary attraction is the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo which draws visitors from all over the world.

The village is mostly a college town with 45,000 college students descending on the city to educate themselves here which is between Dallas and Fort Worth’s city’s limits. Denton, TX may not be the biggest city in Texas or have enormous universities, but what they do have is tree-lined streets with friendly locals who wave to strangers and friends alike.

Plumbing Repair in Hometown Universities

Universities depend on their facilities to attract students and the community depends on the university attracting new students to be able to keep their jobs. If the grounds are shabby, or if the dormitories are dirty, and the bathrooms are desperate for repair then it is unlikely the universities will reach their enrolment goals. As a result, people will lose their jobs, lose their homes, and could potentially lose their minds.

bluefrog Plumbing and Drain of Northern Dallas does not want any member to be put in that situation. That is why our team of experts strongly encourage you to hire a plumbing repair the moment you suspect something is wrong.

Plumbing repair is a bit like dentistry. If you do not take care of your teeth, they rot. If you do not take care of the joints and pipes in your home they rot, leak, and could cause major damage to the homes’ foundation and the walls and flooring in your house. bluefrog Plumbing and Drain has an emergency service if you find yourself in a soggy situation.

Experts in Plumbing Repair in TX

We do not just hire just anyone. Our plumbers are chosen based not just on their skills or education. bluefrog Plumbing and Drain care about our clients. We offer an emergency service that is available year-round and during all hours.

There may be a small fee for the inconvenience to the plumbers who could be enjoying their holidays with their families who leave the celebrations to attend to a plumbing repair. bluefrog Plumbing and Drain care about our community and we will come to your rescue any time you need an emergency plumbing repair.

Customer Reviews

“I am not a technically inclined person. I am also easily grossed out by human waste and sewage. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and I called 12 plumbing repair service companies before I found bluefrog (finally)! They sent out a plumber immediately and I was surprised by how thoughtful these plumbers were. He wore booties over his shoes, latex gloves on his hands, and a reusable mask over his nose and chin. The plumber asked us to stay six feet from him while he worked and that we could make the payment over the phone.

It was literally a perfect service. The plumber cleaned up the after himself. Heck, the bathroom was cleaner than before he arrived. I’m so appreciative of bluefrog for taking the time and care to make sure my family was safe. He even wiped down everything he touched with antibacterial wipes and thanked us as he left. Thanks, bluefrog!

Serena Buckley, Northern Dallas, TX February 2020

“I’m terrified of snakes and my son saw a snake slither under the house through a plumbing pipe while my husband was away on a business trip. I must admit I was freaked out that a snake would slither out of the tub or toilet. I was TERRIFIED!

I called animal control and they were not any help. They recommended bluefrog Plumbing and Drain because a guy who loved snakes was continually rescuing them. I phoned bluefrog immediately and told them that I did need a plumbing repair necessarily, but I’d be happy to pay them for this pseudo plumbing repair if they could come to remove the snake. In 15 minutes, a large happy man turned up with a burlap sack and a metal stick with a curve.

My son showed the technician where he saw the snake enter under the house and asked him what the snake looked like, “he said did it have a triangular head, or was it more rounded?” My curious little boy loves animals and is not afraid of any of them, but he knows to keep away from snakes with pointed heads because they are poisonous and told the technician that it was not a poisonous snake.

I was so proud of my son, not just for his bravery by for helping the technician remain safe while doing an extremely dangerous job, if not scary in the least. I tried to tip the technician, but he refused. In fact, the entire affair cost me less than $20! I will be calling them any time I have a plumbing issue and if you have a clogged sink or a snake in your tub give bluefrog a ring and they will do a phenomenal job!

Joan Wasser, Dallas, TX October 2020

The team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is here to help!

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