Costly Mistakes DIY Plumbers Make For Taking On Residential Water Heater Installation Projects | Denton, TX

Costly Mistakes DIY Plumbers Make For Taking On Residential Water Heater Installation Projects | Denton, TX

Nowadays, people have access to a vast wealth of online information, resulting in many homeowners learning how to undertake home improvement projects by themselves instead of hiring a professional.

You may want to install the water heater to save a few dollars. But even so, cutting corners could cost you more than you can think of. And results are there every time DIY homeowners take on the mother of all plumbing jobs when they decide to conduct water heater installation on their own.

Many plumbing tasks, including tank water heater placement, should be left to only those with the proper training and experience, such as a certified plumber. Below are some errors made by amateur DIY plumbers when they attempt to install a water heater.

Not Obtaining a Permit or Following Building Codes

When it comes to code enforcement, permitting agencies can be assiduous. They often will send inspectors out to confirm the work was done correctly to avoid causing problems in the future.

The City of Denton, TX has a policy outlining the types of plumbing work for which a property owner, contractor, or builder requires a permit. Note that the blueprint spells out the projects that must have a permit, including water line repair/replacement and new fixture installations. Also, notice that it’s very definite about getting a license for water heater installation.

One funny thing about DIYers is they think they’re exempted from permits and codes, which is false! You won’t believe this – some DIY homeowners fail to obtain a permit for home installations or repairs because they don’t wish their property tax to increase. But it may not end well with you if you feel pulling a permit is an expense or rather a bother.

Think of a time when you’ll have to sell your house, and you’re asked to disclose any home improvements that you did that required a permit. Oh, heck. You might face serious legal consequences for skipping the rules no matter how well you answer the question. As if that’s not enough, if you didn’t obtain a permit, you could invalidate your home insurance for any claims relating to that job.

Failing to Put a Drain Pan Under the Tank

According to the Code of Plumbing of the Texas Industrial Housing and Buildings Program, all residential storage tank water heaters must have waterproofed, corrosion-resistant drain pans. The pan must be of the approved size, at least 1.5 inches high and two inches wider than the tank’s diameter and should also include a provision for the attachment of the drain pipe, which usually runs outside the house and close to the ground to eject water if the tank breaks down.

Forgetting to place a drain pan beneath the tank or using the wrong measurements may increase your risk of water damage in the home. Please ensure you contact an authorized plumber near you for proper water heater installation.

Choosing a Wrong Size Water Heater

All water heaters aren’t created equal. They come in different sizes to suit individual needs. The typical tank water heater’s capacity ranges between 30 and 80 gallons. You could make the wrong choice of water heater size if you decide to perform the water heater installation process on your own.

You may constantly run out of hot water if you buy a small-sized unit. On the other hand, you’ll waste your money on monthly utility bills for continuously heating water that you don’t require. A professional plumber near Denton, TX can help you find the right size of water heating equipment for your home, including tankless options.

Incorrect Set-Up of the Pressure Relief Valve

When the temperature inside your water tank gets too high, your hot water system must release this excess pressure. And it accomplishes this through the pressure relief tube and valve. You risk installing this safety feature wrongly with a DIY water heater installation.

If improperly installed, your water heater could explode, and what follows is what you probably don’t want to hear. Bottom line? Always let professionals handle water heater installations to avoid problems.

Installing the Unit in a Dangerous Location

You cannot install your water heater just anywhere. In the United States, most cities follow the International Code Council (ICC) procedures, which standardize building codes worldwide. Water heater placement is critical, as where you place the device determines its efficiency, accessibility, and safety. The local code may prohibit tank water heater installations in certain places in your home, such as under the floors, in the attic, or inside storage closets.

Again, if you’re upgrading to a new water heater, don’t assume that the unit will fit in the same old space, as the latest systems are better insulated and considerably wider than the old models. An expert plumber will install the water heater such that it’s conveniently accessible and has room for sufficient airflow.

Poor Material Selection and Soldering Techniques

Carrying out water heater installations without adequate knowledge and expertise can have negative consequences. You must choose the appropriate type and size of pipe, employ proper soldering techniques, avoid mixing metals, and lay out your plumbing in a particular way.

You miss any step, and the risk of harming your water heater’s performance or voiding its warranty is done. Also, The unit could shut down permanently. Partner with a licensed plumber within Denton, TX and save yourself such hassles!

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