Common Signs That You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair | Irving, TX

Common Signs That You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair | Irving, TX

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Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular these days. They are a very environmentally-friendly choice and they are a great option if you want to consume your daily water consumption. Plus, they reduce energy bills and are less likely to break down and they take up less space in the basement all of which are great perks. However, while all of these are great reasons to take a second look at tankless water heaters, it does not mean that at some point you won’t need tankless water heater repair in Irving, TX.

The thing is that since tankless water heaters are fairly new, a lot of people are not as familiar with the signs that it is time for tankless water heater repair so they may push their water heater a little further than they should. While getting cold water out of your hot water taps is obviously a sign for both traditional systems and tankless systems that it is time to seek out repair, there are some other signs that you need to know. Whether you have just moved into a home with a tankless water heater or have just invested in a new tankless system, here are some of the most popular signs that you need a water heater repair in Irving, TX.

Your Water Is Lukewarm Instead of Hot

Warm water is okay if you are just trying to wash a dish, but you shouldn’t be getting warm water every time you turn on the tap. If you start to notice that the water you are getting out of your tap is lukewarm or just not reaching the same temperatures as before then it may be time to book a plumbing service for tankless water heater repair. A lot of people prefer very hot showers or baths, and they are usually the first to notice when the water starts failing to heat up fully. You also want to ensure that your dishwasher and washing machine has hot water available to them when washing, otherwise, you might end up with more stains than you are used to.

The good news is that sometimes you can handle this on your own, so it is worth heading down to the basement and seeing what you can do. A lot of tankless water heaters have a digital interface that allows you to adjust the temperature. It is possible that the dial got knocked and you need to fix it. If the knob is all of the way up and you still only have lukewarm water, then this is a clear sign you need to call a local plumbing service for tankless water heater repair.

Water Heater Turns Off

There are a lot of reasons why your water heater may turn itself off, but all of them indicate that it is time for tankless water heater repair. At any rate, it is extremely annoying when your water heater isn’t working when you need hot water, so this is not something that you can ignore. A lot of times this happens because the filter within the system becomes clogged or stops working for another reason. The good news is that a professional plumber should be able to take care of this tankless water heater repair task pretty quickly. If you give them a call and they have room in your schedule you should be able to get consistent hot water back pretty quickly so, in terms of things that could be wrong, this is not a bad issue to have.

The Lights Flicker When You Run Hot Water

This tends to happen more in older homes than newer ones, but if a circuit is overloaded it can potentially happen in any home in Irving, TX. Most often homeowners notice that anytime their tankless water heater flips on to heat water there are sudden power surges in the home. That may mean that your lights flicker every time you try to access hot water or it may mean that your breaker trips when you run hot water. This is one reason why you should always have a dedicated circuit for a major appliance in your home. If you notice that this is an issue, this type of tankless water heater repair will probably need to be handled by an electrician. You can call to talk to a plumber about it, but most likely they will refer you to an electrician who can add another circuit if need be.

Temperatures Fluctuate

Another sign of trouble is if the temperature of your water seems to change all of the time. You should have a shower that goes from cold to hot to lukewarm all in the same ten minutes. The problem is if this is happening while you are in the shower or washing your hands then this is happening while the dishwasher is running or the washer as well. Once again this type of tankless water heater repair issue is probably an electrical one. Most of the time this happens when there is a loose electrical connection, but this a plumber should be able to fix since they are skilled at working on tankless water systems. The good news is that this repair is usually pretty simple so there is no reason to continue to deal with variable water any longer.

Water Has a Strange Color or Taste

Finally, it is never good if your hot water has a strange color or taste. In fact, tankless systems don’t have a reservoir that allows sediment to form, so there is something going on with the taste or color of your water, something is very wrong. Either the issue is a defective or broken water heater that requires tankless water heater repair or something is wrong with your water supply. This is a time when you want to immediately reach out to a local plumbing company for help. If you spot this tankless water heater repair sign or any of the other signs we mentioned, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas.

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