Causes Of Slow-Running Drains In Your Home And How To Use Drain Cleaning To Deal With Them | Irving, TX

Causes Of Slow-Running Drains In Your Home And How To Use Drain Cleaning To Deal With Them | Irving, TX

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As a homeowner, you may not anticipate many plumbing issues unless they sneak up on you. Clogged and slow-running drains are one such menace that can wreak havoc on your main plumbing line if they go unnoticed for a prolonged period.

Whether your bathroom shower or kitchen sink has full or partial clogging, the water will redirect and create bigger clogs and backups in other drains. When this happens, call a professional drain cleaning service immediately.

In Irving, TX, local plumbers are well-equipped to inspect and clean your drain before a small issue spirals into a severe problem. However, you also have to know about the cause of slow-running drains in your home. Let’s find them out:

What Are the Common Causes of Slow Running Drains in Homes?

The internal anatomy of your water drainage system resembles a tree where the mainline is huge in diameter, while sub-lines are smaller. A clog may originate in your toilet or shower drain but disrupt function in any other sub-line as it grows.

You have to control the issue from escalating with preventive drain cleaning at the right time. Things that can cause slow running drains are:

Oil or Grease

Mostly, the kitchen is the source of drain clogging leading to slow-running drains or major blockages. It happens when you unknowingly pour grease, oil, and fat down your sink. These substances do not just wash away with water but stick to the inner lines and cause significant buildups. Hence, you should avoid putting these things down the drain and using the trashcan to dispose of them.


Many drain experts accept that hair is one of the leading causes of clogging in homes. Though you may not be able to stop your hair from falling, you can prevent its descent into the drains by using small screens or cleaning your hairbrushes in garbage disposal cans.

Tree Roots

The sewer line clogs usually result from tree roots invading the pipes, especially in older homes. The most visible sign of this clogging is a gurgling sound or slow running drains throughout your house. When it happens, you will need professional cleaning by experts using a video inspection to address the issue.

Pipe Scale

When your pipes get older, scaling will build up on their insides. When it combines with mineral deposits left by water, you’ll have a major clog to deal with. Scaling majorly happens due to dissolved magnesium and calcium mixed with other metallic elements. It usually starts at one spot and grows over time. In this case, you may have to replace the pipes, but call drain cleaning experts first to examine the issue.

Bathroom Wastes

The drain in your bathroom showers, tubs, and sinks usually clog up and slow down due to elements like beard trimmings, shaving cream, and soap scum. When combined, they can form a sticky cement-like substance that clings to the drains and constricts the water flow.

Apart from these, female hygiene products, food leftovers, and flushable wipes may also result in slow-running drains. You should avoid draining these things and call drain cleaning professionals when they accidentally go down your pipes and cause clogging at various places.

You can deal with a single clogged drain with home solutions, but multiple slow drains need professional treatment.

What To Do If You Have Multiple Slow Drains?

When more than one drain in your house is running slow, it indicates a bigger problem in your main drainage line or septic system. Backed-up or broken drains are a severe threat to your home. It can result in flooding or unhygienic living conditions. And you cannot fix this problem without professional help. Here are the cases when you need to call drain cleaning experts without delay.

Blockages in Vent Pipes

Sometimes, drains in your home may run slow due to blockages or clogs in vent pipes. These pipes balance the air pressure in your entire drainage line by compressing air ahead of the water flowing down the drain pipes.

The water flow creates a partial vacuum, and vent pipes allow fresh air from outside to fill this vacuum and equalize the air pressure. However, these vent pipes may be clogged sometimes and slow down your drains. If it happens, don’t delay calling drain cleaning pros in your area.

Blockages in Drain Pipes

The network of drain pipes in your home connects to the main sewer line. When buildup or obstructions start clogging any drain, they start working their way into other drain pipes too. As a result, you have similar blockages in multiple drains. It usually happens in old homes with galvanized steel pipes. The gradual clogging soon blocks several drains through the house and decreases water pressure in your faucets and showers.

Sewer Line Blockages

The main sewer line has a network of drain pipes that transfer wastewater to your city’s public sewer system. Whatever goes down your drains passes through the mainline and clog the pipes. When it happens, you shouldn’t delay the drain cleaning schedule and call experts to inspect the main sewer line.

Whether it is a settling foundation, cracking pipes, or tree roots obstructing the water flow, experts can find the root cause of blockages in your drains and rectify it before affecting the entire plumbing system.

So, when multiple drains run slow in your home, you need to call a licensed and qualified drain cleaning expert to fix the issue. It may require a professional-grade water jetting solution or machine auger to clear the obstructions at various places in the plumbing system.

Let the Local Drain Cleaning Pros Handle Your Slow Running Drains

When you have multiple slow-running drains causing disruptions in your daily routine, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North DallasIrving, TX to address the issue. Our expert plumbers can fix any drain-related problem before it worsens or morphs into costlier repairs. Please schedule an appointment today by calling us at 469-214-2582.

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