8 Things A Plumber Near Me Wishes You Knew | Plano, TX

8 Things A Plumber Near Me Wishes You Knew | Plano, TX

As a homeowner, it can be a hassle when faced with a plumbing emergency. Plumbing problems tend to occur when least expected and at odd hours. You might pay twice than usual to have the issue rectified.

The truth is some issues can be avoided in the first place. But some homeowners may not have the slightest idea of basic plumbing care. No worries, though. This article will help you discover some things to avoid or do to your plumbing system. Getting the little things right at the get-go will help keep costly emergency repairs at bay.

Here are eight things a professional plumber near me in Plano, TX wants you to know. Read on to learn more.

Don’t Throw Trash in Your Toilet

Probably, you’ve already done it a thousand times; now you’re tired. But it’s still important to emphasize that your toilet is meant to take only human waste and water, nothing more. You’re ruining your plumbing system if you dump things that don’t belong to the toilet.

Cotton pads, diapers, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, and make-up removal or baby wipes are items that can’t break down. Thus, when you flush them down your toilet, the risk of your pipes clogging is high.

Some makers will label these products as “flushable.” But that’s not true! The only person to seek advice from is a certified plumber near me. It will help if you use your commode for the proper purposes only to avoid frequent clogs, which may translate to increased repair costs and reduced efficiency of your plumbing unit.

Your Garbage Disposal Isn’t a Trash Can

One reason the garbage disposal seems the least-favorite appliance on the list of your hired plumber near me is likely because most homeowners misuse the machine. Even if the name suggests otherwise, a garbage disposal can’t be substituted for a trash can.

Firstly, they cannot handle large amounts of food scraps. Secondly, they can’t process fibrous food items such as potato peels or celery – these can clog the disposal in no time. Instead of shoving such things down there, you could consider having a compost pit in your home to dispose of the food waste.

FOGs Are the Number One Reason Your Sink Is Frequently Clogged

Fat, oils, and grease are trash! But it seems most homeowners are yet to get it, unfortunately. Pouring frying oils such as olive oil down your kitchen sink can clog your sewer pipes. This is because these substances solidify inside your drain lines when the temperatures are low during the cold seasons.

The oils or fats can catch other wastes and could cause a massive clog, calling for the immediate attention of an emergency plumber near me. If you don’t schedule a fix in time, you risk sewer backups in your home, save for the costly repairs you might experience. Let the grease and oils cool, then dump them in a trash can instead of the sink.

Know Your Limits

Some homeowners like to take on plumbing jobs alone without realizing they might do things wrong. Even if you can fix minor plumbing faults, don’t overestimate your DIY skills. You need to know when to say no and leave the work to the professionals.

Fixing a faulty toilet flapper, for instance, doesn’t mean you can manage all the plumbing problems in your home. A significant plumbing project will tax you to hire a licensed plumber near me in Plano, TX who has knowledge and experience in the trade.

Flush That Water Heater Every Year

Having your water heater flushed at least once yearly is recommended, yet most folks don’t. Perhaps, the reason why they don’t do it is that they don’t understand how beneficial it is. Flushing helps remove the mineral deposits that tend to build up in your water tank.

If not flushed, the equipment may fail prematurely because its efficiency is reduced. Again, as already mentioned, unless you’re a pro, let a trained plumber near me in Plano, TX do the job.

Learn How to Check for a Leak

Suppose your water bill has spiked, yet your monthly water usage has remained stable. In that case, a leak is likely the cause. You want to confirm that there are leaks in your plumbing system. First, ensure no water is running from your faucets, showers, or appliances such as the dishwasher.

Next, go to your water meter and check to see whether it’s moving, and if it is, there’s a high chance of a leak somewhere in the home. This is an issue that you can’t afford to postpone. You should contact a plumber near me for an immediate plumbing inspection and repair.

Pro Tip: knowing the location of your shut-off valve will save your property from water damage when there’s a significant leak in the home, and your plumber is yet to arrive.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals on Your Drains

It’s common for individuals to use conventional drain cleaning agents, which contain corrosive chemicals. Over time, they damage the pipes, and the effects can be severe, especially if your drain pipes are old.

Natural drain cleaners are the best since they do not corrode pipes. Also, you may consider hiring a plumber near me for a professional draining cleaning service to keep your plumbing pipes in good shape.

Steer Clear of Your Septic Lines

If you have a septic system, lateral septic lines run under your property. That means you could easily cause them to collapse or rupture if you drive a heavy vehicle over them, which might cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Therefore, ask your contracted plumber near me to mark the area where the lines are buried or make them visible so that you don’t forget and trample on them.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas: The Top Choice Plumbing Company Near You to Hire

After reading this, there’s no doubt you know how best to take care of your plumbing. However, knowing isn’t enough, but doing it is. There are still more things your plumber wishes for you to know.

So, if you’ve got a concern with your drains, water quality, or sewer line, get in touch today with the pros at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for professional help.

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