7 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

7 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

Oftentimes we tend to notice the most obvious signs of clogging in our bathrooms and kitchens, but pay very little attention to it. If you find yourself plunging your toilet more than once, or your sink takes longer than usual to drain, you need to call a professional plumber. Initially, these problems seem negligible but if left untreated, can result in bigger plumbing problems.

Professional drain cleaning is the answer to your problems; it keeps your plumbing safe, and saves you from a great deal of financial inconvenience. There are several benefits, the most obvious and the most helpful is keeping your drain system free of clogging and open for drainage

Here are seven benefits of professional drain cleaning for homeowners in the Richardson, TX area.

1. Eliminate Pungent and Unpleasant Odors

Have you ever thought of all the things that go down your drain? The things that enter your drains include hair, soapy water, and other residue present in your bathtub. Furthermore, the dirt and grime that you wash off your sink or your bathtub ends up in your drains. Not to mention the stuff that goes down the toilets. When a minor clog takes place, those items tend to get stuck within your plumbing. Being organic, such matter invites bacteria to come and feed on it. This can cause foul odors to stem from your drains. Professional drain cleaning gets rid of the organic material inside your drain, and eliminates all the foul odors.

2. Eliminate the Possibility of Clogging

Have you ever thought, what it would be like if you flushed the toilet, and all the wastewater came up instead of down?? Seems scary, right? If a slow drain is left untreated, it is likely to result in clogging, which is a big hassle. Without proper drainage, you’re stuck without a shower, no use of toilet and no way to brush your teeth or wash your face.

Plunging is a safe option, but if the clogging is stubborn, plunging doesn’t help. You might be tempted to use a drain opener available for sale at your local hardware store. But keep in mind, that drain cleaners work because they typically contain harsh chemicals that may temporarily solve the problem, but could also harm your plumbing in the long run. These chemicals are harmful for the environment, and detrimental to human health. Drain cleaning is the best way to get rid of slow drains, without using any harsh chemicals.

3. Keep Floors and Walls Safe

Overflowing water from your toilet or sink that comes in contact with your floors and walls, can cause serious damage. Your walls and floors aren’t designed to sustain it. The water can seep under the tiles and cause plaster erosion, while harming your wallpapers. And what’s even scarier, water damage can lead to mold growth which weakens the structural integrity of your house, and is harmful to your health. Replacing pieces of walls and flooring is an expensive task, and if the problem remains unsolved, this issue is likely to return. However, through professional drain cleaning, you can mitigate the risk of water damage, thus keeping your floors and walls safe.

4. Keep Your Family Healthy

As discussed in the previous paragraphs, the organic matter inside your drains paves the way for bacteria, which results in foul odors. If left untreated, the bacteria will continue to grow, and so will the mold. The combination of bacteria and mold can seriously affect your family’s health. Exposure to these unhealthy contaminants can result in several ailments and health problems. Furthermore, exposure to mold spores can result in a variety of skin allergies and respiratory issues. A drain that is free from clogging keeps bacteria and mold at bay. To keep bacteria and mold from growing, it is important to seek a professional plumber.

5. Save Your Money

One of the reasons why people don’t seek professional plumber is because it is a costly process. One thing people fail to realize is that the cost of professional drain cleaning is far less than what it would cost, in the case of water damage or clogged drains. When you compare the cost of a professional plumber service to the cost of a possible outcomes of clogged drains, it results in less headaches and money well spent to avoid the problem from getting worse. Clogging normally results in leakages, which aren’t easy to mend either. In order to fix a leakage, the ground needs to be dug, the cost of which is phenomenal. Therefore, it is better to spend a little amount of money on regular drain cleaning.

6. Keep Your Pipes in a Working Condition

The accumulation of grease, chemicals and other harmful materials inside your pipes can lead to corrosion and leakages. A small leak is a minor problem, while a bigger leak is nothing short of a nightmare. Harsh chemicals take some time before they can cause leakages. Through regular drain cleaning you don’t allow these chemicals the time they need to cause plumbing leaks. A pipe that is maintained properly lives for a long period of time without many problems. If the pipes have been broken down by chemicals, they need to be replaced immediately. Doing so, might result in paying a significant amount of money, and the repairs will also include tearing down your walls.

7. Quick Drainage

One of the first and foremost signs of clogging is slow drainage. When that happens, you have to cut your showers short, because the drainage fails to keep up with running water. Also, you are bound to plunge your toilets, several times a week, which is a rather unpleasant experience. Professional drain cleaning removes these hassles. As a result, your sinks and toilets drain quickly, and you don’t have to worry about investing in costly repairs. With a smoothly running drain, you can enjoy hot showers for as long as you want. And flushing the toilet won’t be as scary.

If your bathroom drain is giving you a tough time – Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas is here to help. To learn more about our plumbing services in the Richardson, TX area, visit us online, or call 469-327-8784.

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