6 Common Drain Cleaning Issues And How To Prevent Them | Richardson, TX

6 Common Drain Cleaning Issues And How To Prevent Them | Richardson, TX

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From a foul smell like that of garbage or sewage to flooding or weird noises coming out of your drains, drain issues can be stressful. Using a plunger doesn’t always work, causing even more frustration. In most cases, homeowners have to consult the services of a professional drain cleaning company.

Here are six of the most common drain issues you’ll encounter and tips on how to prevent them.

1. Foul Odor

If you notice a foul smell even after you’ve taken out the trash, the problem could be with your drains. Pollutants that have accumulated in your drain could be the cause of that foul smell.

Foul smells shouldn’t be ignored because they’re often warning signs of severe blockage, and you need to seek professional drain services to sort them out.

In most cases, your plumber uses a camera to assess if the pollutant can be eliminated by flushing the drain. In other cases, they need to replace a broken sewer pipe or two to restore proper drainage and prevent the issue from arising again.

2. Slow Drains

You may be tempted to ignore a slow drain because, after all, it still gets the job done. However, although a slow drain may seem like nothing, it can rapidly escalate into a bigger problem if ignored.

A slow drain could be the indication of a clog or buildup of grease and debris deep-seated inside your pipes. It also indicates improper grading of your drainage system.

The longer you ignore a slow drain, the worse the situation gets, resulting in higher drain cleaning charges. The best thing to do is to seek drain cleaning as soon as you notice a slow drain developing.

3. Recurring Clogs

The bathtub and shower drains are the most susceptible to clogs because of the massive amount of hair and soap they handle. The kitchen sink also clogs due to grease and food debris.

Each time you clean hair out of your drain, there’s a high chance not all of it comes off, and over time the hair and soap scum buildup form stubborn clogs.

In such situations, you need a professional drain cleaning service equipped with the appropriate tools to reach and remove such clogs successfully.

4. Multiple Clogs

If your sink, tub and toilet clog simultaneously, it points to something much more catastrophic. It indicates that the problem isn’t in individual drain fixtures but in the main drain system. There are several reasons the main drain system can clog, including obstructions caused by debris from toilet paper, wet wipes and paper towels, or tree roots growing into an old drainage pipe.

Using a plunger or chemical cleaners won’t fix the problem. This is a more profound and complicated issue that requires you to seek the best drain services in Richardson, TX.

5. Gurgling Noises

Gurgling sounds emanating from your toilet or pipes usually mean you have a clogged drain line. Drain systems have vents through which gas and air can escape, enabling water to flow freely. However, if the gas or air is trapped in the drain lines and cannot reach the vent, it causes the rumbling sounds.

Although gurgling sounds pose no significant risk, you should be alarmed because it indicates a budding drainage tragedy such as leaking, overflow or a broken sewer line. Also, gas buildup in your drain pipes isn’t a good thing as this gas could slowly find its way to your home, causing foul smells.

Getting rid of gurgling noises isn’t something you’ll want to try on your own, probably because you don’t have the right equipment to handle the job, and you wouldn’t be sure whether the pipes need changing or unclogging. You need help from a professional drain cleaner who can establish the clog’s cause and eliminate it in the best way.

6. Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is when water backs up and spills out of the toilet bowl. A clogged drain is usually the main reason for an overflowing toilet, and if it’s a simple clog, using a plunger will resolve the issue.

However, when the overflow keeps recurring, the reason could be a blocked vent pipe preventing the toilet from flushing properly. In this case, a plunger won’t work because this job requires a professional drain cleaning service’s skills and expertise.

Tips to Prevent Clogging Drains

Applying these tips doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never need the assistance of a professional drain servicing. But practicing these simple drain maintenance routine tips will help you avoid the hassle of dealing with clogged drains and frequently having drain cleaning services at your doorstep.

  • Always watch what you put in the drain. Materials such as cooking grease, coffee grounds, hair and soap scum cause your drains to clog easily, so you’ll want to keep them as far away as possible.


  • Remember to regularly pour hot water down your bathroom drain and the kitchen sink because this is where grease, debris, hair and soap scum accumulate, causing a clog in your drain. After pouring down the hot water, always wait 5-10 minutes then pour more hot water down. This is the best way to prevent a clog in your drains.


  • Install a drain guard or screen on each of your drains to minimize the amount of hair and soap scum that goes through your drain. A drain guard or screen also makes cleaning the drain much easier.

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Whatever the issue is with your drain, handling it on your own could be very challenging and even lead to worse problems, which is why it’s best to leave this work to the professionals. Whether it’s your kitchen sink, toilet or bathroom drains that need fixing, you can count on the experienced plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas to take care of it. Our team of trained and licensed professionals can handle all your drain cleaning needs. Contact us for the best drain cleaning services in Richardson, TX, today.

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