5 Signs Your Sewer Lines Are Clogged And How Can Drain Cleaning Specialists Can Help You | Carrollton, TX

5 Signs Your Sewer Lines Are Clogged And How Can Drain Cleaning Specialists Can Help You | Carrollton, TX

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Sewer lines are the lifeline in any household in so many ways. Your entire life can come to a standstill if your sewer lines are damaged; causing a huge mess in your home that you might find impossible to get rid of yourself.

All of this can be avoided if you know how to read the signs that there might be an impending clog in your sewer lines and call drain cleaning services in Carrollton, TX, to promptly take action. Here are five signs you should be watching out for.

1. Frequent Clogs

Your sewer lines will eventually stop draining water if there is a huge clog, but you do not have to let things go so far. Before the clog completely blocks your sewer, you will notice smaller clogs at first. You could probably take care of these clogs at first with a plunger, but you will soon notice the frequency of these clogs increasing by the day.

Clogs like these start forming when hair, waste, or some other kind of solid debris gets stuck in any bend in the sewer lines. Or it could also be because your sewer lines are old and the insides have started corroding, causing the debris to stick to the sides of the sewer lines, instead of being smoothly drained out of the premises.

When you notice the frequency of these clogs increasing, call drain cleaning services so that they can immediately have a look and do what is necessary, before the clog gets large enough to block your drain entirely.

2. Slow Drainage

If you notice that your water is draining out slower than usual, then it could be a sign of an impending blockage in the sewers. Your kitchen sink, bathroom drains and toilet will not flush out water with as much speed as they used to. You might also notice murky water doubling back and flooding the bathroom or the sink.

There is nothing you can do yourself if the clog is forming deep inside the pipes and using any kind of anti-clogging cleaning agent will ruin your sewage lines if the chemicals start reacting with metals. Hence, roping in professional drain cleaning services is the best course of action as they will root out the clog entirely, no matter where it has formed in the lines.

3. Foul Smell

Sewer lines are meant to carry waste out of your premises, but in case of an impending blockage, the sewage will remain in the pipes for much longer. The debris and wastes might also start decomposing and it will give rise to a foul smell that is enough to overpower you and leave you feeling sick.

When you notice such a foul odor, it is best to leave this mess to the drain cleaning experts as they have the right protective gear to deal with such a smell. Drain experts will inspect the pipes and get rid of the clog, and you can have your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh and clean again.

4. Gurgling Sounds

One of the signs of sewer clogs is that you will start hearing strange sounds emanating from the pipes and drains. Usually, you will hear gurgling sounds, and at times you will also hear strange pops. These sounds occur when the water is unable to pass freely through the sewer and creates air pockets in between.

Sometimes, you will hear the sounds coming from another area of the house from where you have turned on the faucet. For example, you might hear your kitchen sink gurgling when someone has turned on a faucet in the bathroom. This is because sewer lines are often interconnected and a clog in any of the main lines is enough to cause trouble in any of the pipes.

When this happens, you should contact a drain cleaning expert in Carrollton, TX, to come and have a look. Sewer clogs are usually larger than your average clogs and only a drain cleaning expert can help you get rid of them.

5. Overflowing Sewer

This is a problem in many old properties. If the house is old, in most cases, the sewer lines are old too. Clogs may be formed by debris getting stuck inside the pipes, or due to external factors like tree roots growing inside the sewer lines.

In such cases, the lines are often cracked due to the expanding roots and sewer water starts overflowing through these cracks if they are unable to flow out of the premises through their regular outlet. This will create small puddles in your lawn, behind your house or near the basement since these areas are usually the closest to the main sewer lines going out of the house.

Overflowing is a sign of clogs inside the sewer but you can remove it entirely with the help of drain cleaning experts. They will pull out roots and dig out the debris from the sewer lines, clearing out the path that carries the filthy water out of the premises, leaving your home free from sewer problems.

Suspecting a Sewer Line Blockage in Your Property? Call Us to Clean It Out!

If you suspect an impending blockage in your sewer lines in your property, then it is best not to try DIY methods and call drain cleaning experts bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas at Carrollton, TX. They carry the necessary tools and equipment to clear out even the toughest clogs and their years of experience help them in quickly detecting the problem.

Our drain cleaning experts are available for emergency clogs, as we know how a sudden sewer line clog can disrupt your domestic life. Call us today for clog removal or for regular upkeep of your sewer and drainage lines so that you do not have to worry about messy homes ever again.

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