5 Reasons To Book A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Richardson, TX

5 Reasons To Book A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Richardson, TX

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Blocked drains are one of the most inconvenient plumbing problems you can encounter, and many homeowners make the mistake of trying to solve it themselves. While it can be tempting to use cheap DIY methods to unclog blocked drains, they’re unlikely to be effective in the long term and could even cause further issues.

Drain cleaning is an art, and only a professional service will get your system functioning at its very best. In this article, we’ll explain the top reasons why you should book a drain cleaning service today.

1. Safe and Effective

If you’ve experienced clogged drains, you’ve probably seen chemical drain unblockers in many stores that promise a cheap solution to your drainage problems. However, these formulas contain corrosive substances to dissolve the blockages in your pipes.

The ingredients in most commercially-available chemical unblockers can wreak havoc with your plumbing, corroding your system and potentially leading to leaks. The chemical reactions caused by these liquids also produce heat, which is bad news for PVC pipes. While using them as a one-off isn’t the end of the world, regularly pouring chemicals down your drains could cause expensive plumbing problems and significant water damage to your property. So, what seems like a cheap fix could end up costing you a lot of money further down the line.

Not only can drain cleaning chemicals damage your plumbing, but they’re also relatively ineffective. While they may dislodge enough of a clog to temporarily get your drains working, they won’t remove all of the build-up inside your pipes. The clog may also end up flushed further inside your plumbing. A drain service from a professional plumber is the most effective way to get your pipes completely clear without causing any damage.

2. Preventing Future Blockages

Unlike DIY methods, a professional drain service will completely eradicate any residue, grease, and other particles built up inside your system. This build-up attracts further deposits, leading to new clogs, so getting rid of it is crucial if you want to break the cycle of regular clogs in your pipes.

Apart from clogs, drain cleaning can also solve more serious plumbing problems. Blocked drains can cause leaks or even burst pipes, leading to catastrophic water damage to your property. Keeping your drains in good condition makes plumbing disasters less likely and could save you a lot of money on expensive repairs.

3. Increased Water Flow

Slow drainage from your sink, bathtub, or other fixtures can be extremely inconvenient. Many homeowners in Richardson, TX, learn to tolerate sluggish drainage, but it’s actually a warning that there’s residue inside your pipes.

Small pieces of food, grease, hair, and other substances can stick to the inside of your plumbing system and restrict the water drainage. This buildup attracts more particles until you have a serious clog on your hands. The problem usually gets worse gradually, so you should book professional drain cleaning as soon as you notice sluggish drainage.

4. Checks Your System

Any drain unblocking method you use yourself can’t tell you why your drains are getting blocked in the first place. When you use chemical unblockers or other DIY fixes, you have no way of knowing whether there’s a more serious problem causing your clogged drains that could cause major issues later on.

When a professional plumber carries out drain cleaning, they use advanced camera equipment to examine the inside of your pipes to diagnose the cause of your blocked plumbing. This specialized equipment allows them to select the best way to treat the issue, getting your system back into perfect working order and preventing major leakages that could cause expensive damage to your home.

When your plumber examines your plumbing during a drain service, they may detect other small problems like corroded pipes that you can’t find yourself. Therefore, it allows you to fix minor issues before they get worse and require more work and money to put right.

5. Lower Water Bills

If you’ve noticed an unexplained hike in your water usage recently, you may have a slow leak on your hands. Often, homeowners don’t realize the significance of increased water bills, but it could be a sign that water is slowly trickling out of your pipes.

A cleaning of your drain involves making a thorough inspection of your home’s plumbing system. During the process, your plumber may find slow leaks that you would have otherwise been unaware of. You can have small leaks repaired relatively cheaply, but it can save you a surprising amount of money in the long run.

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

You don’t need to wait until you notice slow drainage or a funky smell coming from your drains before having them cleaned. Prevention is better than cure, so maintaining a regular drain cleaning schedule can prevent annoying clogs and troublesome drainage. It also gives you peace of mind that no unseen problems are lurking in your system undetected.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how often you should have your drains cleaned. However, booking a drain service from a professional plumber every couple of years should be frequent enough to keep everything in good working order. However, if you notice a problem with your drains, don’t wait until your next scheduled service. Instead, you should book a drain service right away.

The Bottom Line

It’s tempting to try and fix sluggish drains yourself. However, professional drain cleaning is the most effective way to get them flowing properly again and solve the problem once and for all. More importantly, it can save you the inconvenience and cost of a plumbing disaster later on.

When you’re having problems with your drains, the team of experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas in Richardson, TX, are here to help. We can perform a professional drain cleaning service to clear the clog and check your system’s overall condition. We can also perform routine drain maintenance to keep your drains clear long term.

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