5 Physical Signs That You Need a Slab Leak Repair | Carrollton, TX

5 Physical Signs That You Need a Slab Leak Repair | Carrollton, TX

Among major plumbing issues, one of the most stressful issues you can encounter is a slab leak. They are an unfortunate tragedy for many homes, especially if you are living in the Carrollton, TX area. If you suspect that you have a slab leak you will need to call a plumbing company for repair immediately.

To identify the need for slab leak repair or to be able to detect the signs, it is necessary for you to know what it actually is.

A slab leak is one of the plumbing issues that occur due to the leakage in the plumbing lines underneath the foundation of your home. It is important to note that a slab leak is dangerous because it not only damages the foundation of your home, but also can lead to numerous structural and mould problems.

Here are a few signs to look out for:

1. When you experience mold-infection and buckled flooring.

2. When you experience a musty or mold smell at your home.

The biggest problem is that you might not even know that slab leak repair is the prerequisite of having a subtle plumbing system problem at your home! Consequently, you would not be able to take timely actions against such issues.

Here are some major symptoms that might help you able to catch the problem at the beginning.

1. Decreased Water Pressure 

A major warning sign is the decreased water pressure throughout your home. The decreased water pressure indicates that water is trying to flow through the pipeline but, it is not able to flow properly. If there is any leakage in the pipeline, the flowing water won’t be able to flow from one end to the other with full pressure. This can decrease the pressure of water.

You should call plumbing service in order to figure out the issues of decreased water pressure inside your home right away.

2. Damp Carpet

When there is leak underneath the foundation of your home, the leaking water comes up towards your flooring. This is the alarming situation that will alert you to the fact that you probably will need a slab leak repair.

3. Cracks in Foundation or Walls

If you observe any crack on the wall or in floor tiles, it’s also a major indicator. Yes, water is that powerful! It can cause cracks in your walls, as well as in your foundation. This might occur when floor tiles are fixed over a slab leak. If you notice any crack or buckling in your floor tiles or walls, then immediately call plumbing service to come inspect and see slab leak repair is necessary. This will help you to avoid more damage to you home.

4. Hot Spot on Floors

The warm spot of your floor might be another warning sign. If you feel any random hot spots onto the floor, you should be calling a plumbing professional to get the solution right away. The hot spots or warm places could be an indicator that the water pipe is leaking below the slab.

Amongst the warning signs, a hot spot on the floor is actually an early warning sign that specifies the area where leakage could be occurring.

5. The Noise of Running Water

If you notice the sound of water running under your flooring or within the slabs. This indicates that there might be a probability of a pipe leaking.

If you hear any possibility of the sound of water running under the flooring in your home, then it is important for you to call a slab leak repair company to check it out right away.

Hence, a slab leak is one plumbing issue that needs to be checked promptly by a professional slab leak repair company as soon as possible to get the problem taken care of.

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For slab leak repair you can contact the plumbing company that offers proficient services and can resolve your plumbing issues professionally.

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If you ever observe any of the signs of slab leak or need to fix any plumbing issue in the Carrollton, TX area, call 469-327-8784!

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