What Your Denton, TX Plumbers Want You to Know About Pets and Plumbing

What Your Denton, TX Plumbers Want You to Know About Pets and Plumbing

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If you have pets you probably already know how much they get into everything. In fact, your pets probably get into things that you don’t even realize. But it’s important that you are monitoring your plumbing when it comes to your pets. After all, with as much trouble as they can get into otherwise, it should come as no surprise that your plumbers want to warn you about your plumbing. After all, there’s a whole lot going on that they can get into in your Denton, TX home.

Exposed Pipes

When it comes to pet-proofing your home you want to make sure that you’re hiding any of the exposed pipes. Where small children might try to pull at pipes or even try to chew on them, your puppy is exactly the same way. You could end up with leaks or damage to your pipes because your pets are trying to play with them. You could also end up with injury to your pet because of their playing with that pipe. No matter what it is that you’re experiencing, you want to make sure that you cover up any of the exposed pipes to protect them.

Even if a pipe is only somewhat exposed keep in mind that pets are very curious. They’re going to want to get into everything and they’re going to want to explore. If you’re not careful they could absolutely get into cupboards and other areas that you thought were protected and find pipes to chew on.

Pressure Balancing Valves

If you have an older home, you probably know all about how hot the water can get in the shower when someone flushes a toilet. That means you don’t have pressure balancing valves. On the other hand, if you do put in these valves you can help reduce these problems. It’s annoying enough for you, but a sudden burst of scalding water can be extremely hazardous to your pets. That’s definitely not something that you want them to experience, right? So have local plumbers install these valves to help.

You could also talk to your plumbing service about some of the ways that a pressure balancing valve can keep you a whole lot more comfortable as well. They’re going to be a great benefit overall. Plus, you’re going to have no problem getting them installed.

Use Drain Guards

Dog and cat hair can easily get into your drains and cause just as much trouble as human hair. In fact, they could potentially cause more problems. With drain guards you don’t have to worry because they trap the hair. That way you can remove it easily without it going down your drain. What’s great about these is that they’re easy to find and install. You can also avoid having to call those local plumbers to deal with clogs and problems with your drains that come from that dog and cat hair getting in.

Also, if you have smaller pets (like birds, mice and snakes) this will keep them from being able to get into the drain where they could get lost or hurt. You want to make sure that all drains have a cover of some type over them because otherwise you’re putting your home and pets in danger.

Close the Toilet Lid

If you use any chemical cleaners especially you need to make sure you’re closing the toilet lid. Now, chemical cleaners are not good for your house or your drains, but if you still insist on using them you absolutely have to keep them away from your pets. If they drink the toilet water and there’s even a small amount of residue from those chemicals, it could cause serious health problems for them. What’s worse is you may not even know that they’ve done it until much later. Then they have even more serious problems because it wasn’t cared for immediately.

Closing the lid will help avoid these problems. It won’t affect whether you need plumbers or not, but it’s absolutely going to affect how your pets are doing, and that’s even more important. You want to make sure that your furry family members are well taken care of.

Watch the Digging

Do your pets like to dig? If they do, then you could one day find them digging up things they definitely shouldn’t be. You want to make sure you’re confining the digging to one area, or that you’re watching to make sure the holes are only so deep. Or maybe you want to try to keep your dog from digging at all. No matter what you do it’s important that you watch the digging. Your local plumbers would tell you that it’s far too easy for your dog to get into the sewer lines. If they’re digging too deep you could end up with serious damage.

Make sure you know what your dogs are doing at any given time. If they do manage to get to the sewer line you need to get them away from it immediately and then call your local plumbers to take care of the problem. They’ll be able to get it buried back again.

Calling for Help

If you’re getting a new pet you want to make sure that they’re going to be taken care of well, right? And you want to make sure that they’re going to feel at home in your home. But you also want to make sure that they’re not going to get into anything or get hurt. Following these basic tips are the first thing any local plumbers would tell you. From there, just make sure that you’re watching your pet, so you know what they’re getting into and how.

If you need any type of plumbers or you need any plumbing services make sure you call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas. Our team of plumbers can come out to you in no time and take care of your plumbing needs. Your Denton, TX home will be safe with our plumbers.

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