Do You Need Drain Cleaning? | Carrollton, TX

Do You Need Drain Cleaning? | Carrollton, TX

Drain cleaning is something that’s all too often overlooked, but it’s actually extremely important for your Carrollton, TX home. This is especially true when you think about all of the things that you probably put down your drains on a daily basis. And many of those are things that you shouldn’t be putting in the drains at all. But a lot of people don’t even think about the potential problems when they’re doing it. Only when that problem really comes around.

Oil and Grease

These are two of the worst things you could be putting down into your drains. When you pour them in you’re generally pouring a liquid down the drain and you might assume that they’re just going to get to the end of the line and be fine. But that’s not usually the case. That’s because grease and oil solidify quite quickly and if you’re pouring them into your drain chances are they’re going to solidify long before they make it all the way to the end of your system. When they do, they create a blockage on your pipes that is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Corrosive Materials

There are all kinds of chemicals that people pour down their drain thinking that ‘it’s fine’ but those chemicals could be corrosive. That means they start to break down the pipes themselves from the inside. You may not even notice the problem until you have a crack or a burst pipe somewhere in your walls because those materials wore the pipe down so much. A lot of materials could be considered corrosive too, so it’s best to avoid putting any kind of chemicals in your drains. Not to mention those chemicals that do make it all the way through the drain could be harmful to the sewer or septic system.

Rice and Pasta

These are two items that you may eat a lot of and you may think that they’re just fine to put down your drain. The problem is that both of these swell up when exposed to water. That’s how they cook, after all. But your drain is full of water and that means rice and pasta can easily continue to swell and block off your drain. The end result is a goopy mess that can cause your drains to back up.


While medications may or may not actually harm your drain system, they are definitely not good for the water system that they’ll eventually be exposed to. Those medications can leach into the groundwater and then you can end up with serious problems for yourself and the environment. Medications should be properly disposed of and that does not include flushing them or putting them into your drain. If too many people start putting their medications into their drains and flushing them the water in your area could actually become dangerous.

Produce Stickers and Plastics

If you’re putting any kind of plastics, stickers, and other pieces of wrapping that might come on your produce you could be causing a whole lot of problems for your drains as well. These things may seem small and you may be only dropping small pieces of anything, but they can easily stick to the inside of the drain and cause clogs. Or they can get into the water at the end of the system and cause harm to the environment. Either way, they’re definitely not going to make things better for your pipes, and they are going to mean you need drain cleaning more frequently.

Flour and Coffee Grounds

These two things don’t actually dissolve in water. But they do create a pretty strong paste when they get wet. That means you end up with clogs and blockages that stick to the sides of your pipes. And they can become quite hard as well. This is especially true of flour, which can become almost like glue when it gets exposed to water. You definitely don’t want to deal with this one because the drain cleaning is going to be extensive in order to get even small amounts of flour that have been caked on from sticking to the drain.

Compounding Items

While it may seem like ‘no big deal’ to dump these items occasionally, the truth is that there is no ‘one time’ for anything. Chances are you’re only dumping a small amount of any of these items at any one time and that’s why you assume that it’s okay. But those small amounts continue to add up and before you know it you have a serious problem. Because that little bit of flour sticks to the little bit of oil, which sticks to the little bit of rice, which is stuck with stickers or small bits of plastic. And before you know it you have a big mess.

In fact, before you know it you have a fully blocked drain. And then you really need to call a professional for drain cleaning. But if you’re realizing that you’re making a mistake when it comes to dumping things down the drain you can absolutely set up drain cleaning right away. You want someone who can get to your house in no time and take care of drain cleaning and making sure they’re working the way that they should.

With bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas serving Carrollton, TX, you’re going to have no problem getting exactly what you need when it comes to drain cleaning. Give us a call and we can send someone to your house for drain cleaning in no time. We’ll get rid of anything that’s blocking your drains and make sure that they’re moving smoothly again. Whether you have a lot of stuck-on materials or you’re just getting started with clogs and blocks in your drains, we have the tools to get rid of everything. The key is getting it taken care of as soon as possible so you don’t have to deal with the problems before they’re cleared up. Call our team for help with your drain cleaning and get started now.

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