When Should I Have A Plumber Replace My Old Plumbing System? | Denton, TX

When Should I Have A Plumber Replace My Old Plumbing System? | Denton, TX

Your home is likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. Whether you’ve lived there for some time or are a new homeowner in Denton, TX, it’s essential to know whether or not it’s time to start thinking about updating your plumbing fixtures. After all, investing in a new bathroom or kitchen is a great way to help your home stand out from its competition and improve plumbing efficiency.

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Plumbing?

Your Plumbing Constantly Needs Repairs

If your plumbing needs frequent fixes, there could be a more serious underlying issue. For instance, if your house has ancient pipes, they may deteriorate and leak due to age. In that case, you would need a plumber to replace them with new ones.

Your Water Pressure Seems to Be Low

Low water pressure can be a sign of several issues, but it could be due to mineral buildup in the lines if your pipes are old. This is most common in galvanized pipes.

If you have galvanized pipes, you should consider having a plumber replace them as soon as possible. Galvanized pipes were once a popular choice for homeowners because they were inexpensive and easy to install. However, there are now better options available. For example, copper pipes are more corrosion resistant than galvanized pipes and last much longer.

You Want to Improve Plumbing Efficiency

It would be best if you improved plumbing efficiency. Older plumbing systems are less efficient than newer ones because old pipes may not be able to handle today’s higher water pressures. They also don’t use modern fixtures and appliances that conserve water and energy. Consider replacing your old plumbing with new green plumbing components to save money on your utility bills.

You Notice Corrosion In Your Pipes

This indicates that the water’s chemical makeup has changed somehow, which could signal problems. Corrosion can be instigated by changing the water source from a drop in water pressure to something as innocent as a change in your family’s laundry detergent. If you notice corrosion, it’s time to call a plumber because they’ll be able to tell you what’s causing it and how quickly it will damage your pipes and fixtures if left unchecked.

You Are Constantly Dealing with Water Damage

If you are constantly dealing with water damage, it may be time to replace your old plumbing. Backups and leaks are annoying, but they can also cause health issues immediately if not taken care of. Leaking pipes can be caused by many things, including corrosion, debris buildup, and improper installation. Some leakages can be fixed quickly, while others require you to replace entire piping sections. If you’ve had multiple leaks throughout the years, it’s time to replace all of your piping. If you’re constantly dealing with these problems, it’s time to call a plumber.

If You Experience Frequent Clogs

Although clogs can sometimes be fixed by snaking the pipes, if you have frequent clogs in the same places, that could mean extensive damage to your pipes needs to be repaired by a plumbing professional. If you have older galvanized steel pipes, mineral deposits can also cause clogs. A professional plumber can also remove any buildup in your drain lines and put them back in good shape, but if it’s severely damaged, he’ll have to replace the old pipes with new ones.

Your Water May Be Discolored or Smell Bad

If you see any yellowish or brownish discoloration in the water coming from your taps, or if the water has a metallic smell, this is a sign that your pipes are rusting and should be replaced by a professional plumber sooner rather than later.

Water Bills Are Higher Than They Used to Be

Nobody likes paying bills, but rates always seem to go up. But if you suddenly notice that your water bill is much higher than it used to be, it could signify a plumbing problem.

It’s especially concerning if other factors haven’t changed. If everyone in the house showers less often or you’re no longer watering the lawn as often as before, that can affect your water bill. But if you’re doing the same things and paying way more for water, it’s time to call an expert.

The System Needs a Lot of Maintenance

Over time, the system needs a lot of maintenance. Often that means repairs will be required sooner or later. When you have to call out plumbers every year or two to repair things, you’re probably spending more than you would if you just replaced everything and got an entirely new system.

Pipes That Keep Bursting

If you notice that your pipes keep bursting open, this is a sign that the material has degraded. Under normal circumstances, pipes will last for many years without bursting. However, if they are constantly splitting open, this is a sign that you need a plumber to replace them entirely. In particular, this is true if you live in an area with cold winters, such as in Denton, TX. Cold weather can damage pipe materials that cannot handle freezing temperatures if they don’t have adequate insulation. For example, PVC pipes are susceptible to freezing temperatures because they don’t expand like metal pipes do when the water inside them freezes.

You Have Lead Pipes

If you live in an older home, there is a good chance that lead pipes were used to construct your drains because they were inexpensive and durable. Lead has been proven dangerous to humans; the metal can leach into drinking water and cause health problems. If you’re not sure how old your pipes are, some telltale signs indicate the need for a plumber for replacement.

Is It Time to Replace Your Plumbing? Consult a Plumbing Expert

Trying to decide when you should replace your old plumbing in Denton, TX, can be a tough decision to make. However, it’s important to remember that if it isn’t functioning correctly, you’ll spend more on repairs and replacements in the long run. You mustn’t procrastinate and take care of any problems before they escalate into something much more severe or expensive. Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for professional plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation.

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