Upgrade Your Home With Rheem Tankless Water Heaters | Carrollton, TX

Upgrade Your Home With Rheem Tankless Water Heaters | Carrollton, TX

If you’ve got a lot of people living in your Carrollton, TX household, you know the pain of running out of hot water all too well. Standard water heaters heat a tank full of water for use in your home, but it takes a while to replenish that hot water supply when people are showering or washing dishes. Rheem tankless water heaters give you access to on-demand hot water, which means you essentially don’t have to worry about running out of hot water. If you want to learn more about these tankless water heaters and how you can upgrade, keep reading.

Tankless vs Tank

Most homeowners outfit their homes with a 50-gallon tank water heater. These water heaters can be anywhere from 4-6 feet tall depending on the model, which means they take up a good amount of space. Tank water heaters work by using two inner heating elements to heat up a tank full of water to the temperature you’ve set. As you use hot water from your water heater, it’s replaced with cold water to keep the tank full.

Rheem tankless water heaters are a little different from your standard tank water heater. Tankless water heaters are typically about 2 feet tall or less, and they’re mounted to the wall rather than sitting on a stand. This size difference is due to the fact that tankless water heaters don’t store a tank full of water; instead, they heat water on demand. By using heating elements to heat the water as it passes through, the tankless water heaters give you access to a certain amount of hot water each minute.

Tankless Water Heater Capacity

One thing to keep in mind with your tankless water heater is that different water heaters offer different capacities. When you’re shopping for Rheem tankless water heaters, you’ll notice that each one of them has a “GPM” spec. GPM stands for gallons per minute, which is used to measure the flow rate of fixtures in your home. If your shower uses 2 gallons of hot water per minute, you’ll need a 2.0 GPM tankless water heater to keep up.

You’ve got a wide range of options when it comes to Rheem tankless water heaters, so it’s smart to talk with your plumber. You should consider how much water the fixtures in your Carrollton, TX home use, and you should consider which fixtures you frequently use together. This will help you choose the right size tankless water heater for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of opting for Rheem tankless water heaters. With a standard water heater, the heating elements are always working to heat up a tank of water or keep a tank of hot water at a certain temperature. The result is a lot of wasted energy, especially if you’re using a lot of hot water each day.

Rheem water heaters are much more efficient than tank water heaters because they don’t have to heat an entire tank of water. Instead, your tankless water heater only heats as much water as you need at the moment, which saves you money. When you consider how much more convenient tankless water heaters are, this increase in energy efficiency is a great bonus.

Maintenance and Repairs

You might be wondering how Rheem tankless water heaters compare to tank water heaters in terms of maintenance and repairs. The good news is that tankless water heaters are typically considered easier to maintain than standard tank water heaters. There’s a water line filter and an air filter in your tankless water heater that you can have replaced, and you can also have your water heater flushed and descaled. This is a lot easier than flushing your tank water heater to remove sediment.

When it comes to repairs, tankless water heaters can be a little trickier than your average tank water heater. Because tankless water heaters are a bit newer, some plumbers may not have the expertise to fix certain problems. Tankless water heaters can also have relatively complex problems that involve a lot of troubleshooting. All that being said, you typically don’t have to worry about paying more to have your tankless water heater fixed.

Choosing a Model

If you want to upgrade to Rheem tankless water heaters for your home, the first step is choosing a suitable model. When it comes to tankless water heaters, you should look at the flow rate of various models as well as the temperature rise. The flow rate is measured in GPM and tells you how much hot water can be produced each minute. The temperature rise refers to the temperature the water is heated to relative to the groundwater temperature.

There are a lot of Rheem tankless water heaters, so choosing the right model for your home can be a tough task. Consider calling a plumber to check out your home and help you decide on a tankless water heater. We can help you figure out which model is right for your family, plus we can get it installed for you in no time.

Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater Today

From improved energy efficiency to simpler maintenance and unrivaled convenience, there are tons of reasons to upgrade to Rheem tankless water heaters. If you’re tired of running out of hot water in your Carrollton, TX home, tankless water heaters are a perfect solution. With bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, you can upgrade to a tankless water heater without all the hassle. If you’re considering a Rheem tankless water heater, give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right model and install it.

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