Signs Of Frozen Pipes And How A Nearby Plumber Can Help | Denton, TX

Signs Of Frozen Pipes And How A Nearby Plumber Can Help | Denton, TX

During cold months, pipes can crack, freeze, or swell, leaving residents with expensive flood damage. When the temperature falls, the residual water in the pipes could freeze, causing bursting. If your pipes are exposed to temperatures below 20°F for some time, they risk freezing.

Frozen pipes are a common problem in Denton, TX, during the cold winter. Plumbers usually get constant calls from agitated homeowners who have lost their water supply or had their pipes burst from ice damage.

Water starts to freeze when the temperature gets to 32 degrees, and temperatures in Denton go beyond 32 degrees in winter. As a homeowner, you need to know the signs indicating you have a frozen pipe so that you can contact a plumber immediately. Mentioned below are some things to look out for.

Formation of Frost

The cold areas in your home, such as attics and basements, are the perfect place to look out for frosted pipes. If your home pipes are exposed, you will see an icy residue. They may also have a condensation substrate on their outer surface that indicates that the inside of the pipe is completely frozen in that section.

Even the slightest frost indicates that the water inside the pipes is already freezing. The best action is to have a plumber inspect and suggest the best repairs to restore them to good condition.

Exhibiting Strange Sounds

Sometimes you may notice unusual sounds from the toilet when you flush or your taps when turning on the water in the bathtub or sink. The air inside the pipes may be unable to escape the sewer line due to ice formation. Homeowners should be aware and keep an open ear for banging, whistling, or rattling, as that could mean ice is beginning to thaw and move.

In other cases, they may hear the water heater groaning and making strange sounds when water slowly begins to flow again. You should call a plumber to do the repairs to prevent further damage, such as bursting. If it is too late and bursting occurs, you can consult a qualified plumber to do the repiping and stop the freezing.

Lack of Pressure or Low Water Coming out of the Faucets

If suddenly you start experiencing low water pressure or no water flow from the faucets, fixtures, and shower heads, it could be a sign of blockage due to the formation of ice in the pipes. The water pressure may not be high enough to push water through, and pipes could be entirely blocked by expanded ice.

The slight trickle of water you may sometimes see is because of the partial freeze. This is common to pipes and sinks situated on an exterior-facing wall because the lines that feed them usually run through the wall and may or may not be adequately insulated from the cold. You could check all the pipes and showers to establish which one is affected or call a plumber to diagnose the problematic lines.

Strong Sewer Smell

The frozen water in the pipes may prevent the sewer odors, such as grease and food, from getting out properly, producing unpleasant smells. The stench will spread to your household, and that is not something residents of Denton, TX, should look forward to.

A plumber could save you all the unbearable conditions by fixing frozen faucets. If left unattended, the frozen sewer line could rupture and cause a bigger mess than homeowners can handle. Though this can be a usual ordinary plumbing problem from regular blockages, it should be alarming during winter, as the culprit may likely be the frozen pipes.

Bulging Pipes

It should be one of the obvious signs, as you will notice the pipes bulging or swelling from the pressure that builds up from the inside due to expanding water molecules. This is what leads to the bursting of the lines. If you experience this, contact a plumber right away.

Usually, when the water freezes, it is not the expansion of the solidified water that causes rupture but the unfrozen water. The water expands by 9 percent volume when it freezes into ice.

Steel and copper pipes can handle the volume expansion since they have ductility, but if it occurs in two or more sites, the water trapped in between becomes more pressurized and compressed. As more freezing occurs, the water pressure increases, leading to a rupture.

Water Damage

Another obvious sign that your home faucets have frozen is if you can notice signs of water damage in your homestead. The water damage is caused by cracked pipes, which allows a lot of water to pour into your home, so any sign of structural damage or flooding could indicate frozen fixtures.

Sometimes the frozen pipes may cause minor structural damage; in this case, the leaks may not be massive. Some structural damage to look out for and seek plumber help may include peeling or bubbling paint or solid and musty odors associated with mold.

Damp Drywall

When pipes freeze, in most cases, they leak, causing wet rings or damp drywall on the ceiling. Also, you could have freezing pipes if you notice puddles in places where water should not be accumulating.

Lastly, your yard could have sinkholes indicating a break in one of the leading underground pipes. In such cases, you should contact a plumbing technician to assess and repair the problem.

Need Help Repairing or Preventing Frozen Pipe?

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