Do You Need New Pipes for Your Home? | Tips from Your Reliable Irving, TX Plumbing Repair Service Provider

Do You Need New Pipes for Your Home? | Tips from Your Reliable Irving, TX Plumbing Repair Service Provider

The plumbing system in your home plays a lot of important roles. Not only do you need good plumbing to prevent potential problems, having a modern plumbing system that’s in good shape is also a huge plus if you decide to sell your Irving, TX, home. Because of this, a lot of homeowners decide to have their homes re-piped. However, this is a large and fairly expensive step to take. If you’re wondering whether or not you should spend the money to have your home re-piped to save on plumbing repair and increase the value of your home, here’s what you need to know.

Pipe Materials

If you’re thinking about having your home re-piped, have somebody inspect your plumbing to figure out what type of pipes you have in there currently. While there are some pipe materials that are notorious for needing frequent plumbing repairs, there are also materials that are made to last a long time that you may not need to replace.

Some of the worst pipe materials include galvanized steel and lead. While lead pipes can last a long time, the big problem with these pipes is the fact that lead leeches into the water and poses a serious health risk to anyone that ingests it. Galvanized steel pipes, on the other hand, are prone to a lot of problems.

In terms of the best pipe materials, CPVC, PEX, copper and PVC are all popular options. Not only do these pipes not have problems when it comes to leeching toxic materials into your water supply, they’re also a lot more reliable. If you’re looking for pipes that aren’t going to cost you a fortune when it comes to plumbing repairs, you might want to upgrade to these materials in any spots where you don’t currently have them.


Just like everything else in your home, the pipes in your plumbing system are only designed to last so long. Even if you do an excellent job of keeping up with plumbing repairs and maintenance, there comes a time when you need to replace your pipes. When this time comes, it’s best to bite the bullet and spend the money on a re-pipe.

The lifespan of the pipes in your Irving, TX, home depends on the pipe material, but you can easily find estimates online. Brass water supply lines can last 40-70 years, while copper pipes generally last around 50 years. Galvanized steel pipes, on the other hand, tend to last somewhere between 20 and 50 years. Cast iron drain lines have a long lifespan of about 75-100 years, but most of these lines were installed decades ago when old homes were built. PVC drain lines, on the other hand, last indefinitely. Unless you’ve got a problem with a PVC line, you don’t need to replace it.

Pipe Health

One thing you need to think about if you’re considering having your home re-piped is the cost of the re-pipe versus the cost of potential plumbing repairs. While it might make sense to pay for a re-pipe if you’ve got a lot of old, worn-out pipes in your home, there are some cases where it may be a better idea to wait a while.

The best way to tell whether or not you need a re-pipe right now is to have a plumber inspect some of your pipes and test them for leaks and other problems. A lot of plumbing repair calls are ultimately the result of a problem with a pipe or a connection, so re-piping can save you a lot of headaches if you’ve got bad pipes.

Re-piping Cost

While you shouldn’t rule out a re-pipe just because of the cost, cost is something you should factor into your decision. Neglecting a re-pipe often means paying a smaller amount for plumbing repairs in the interim, so you have to decide whether or not that’s worth it for you.

If you’re worried about how much you’re going to have to spend on a re-pipe, you can always have a plumber give you an estimate. If you have a smaller home or you don’t have a lot of plumbing in your home, you might be surprised at how affordable a re-pipe is. Keep in mind that this estimate may not be completely accurate depending on how complex the re-pipe actually ends up being.

Other Factors

One of the best reasons to invest in a re-pipe is to make sure you don’t have to pay for plumbing repairs, but there are other factors that come into play. Ultimately, re-piping your home is one of the best ways to make sure everything is modern.

Keeping your home up to date is great when it comes to convenience, but it’s also a big help if you plan on selling your home at some point. Every home goes through an inspection before it’s transferred from seller to buyer, and you want that inspection to go off without a hitch. When you re-pipe your home, you can guarantee your plumbing system will be in good shape even if you don’t sell your home for another 20 years. On top of that, you don’t have to spend a fortune on plumbing repairs while you own your home.

The Smart Decision

Investing thousands in a re-pipe is a big decision, but it’s one that can really up the value and overall quality of your Irving, TX, home. Not only do you get a brand-new plumbing system that ups the value of your home, you don’t have to worry about spending as much on plumbing repairs.

If you’re thinking about re-piping your home and bringing it into the modern world, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas  is here to help. We can take a look at your plumbing system and figure out exactly what you need to get it fixed up. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call us at (469) 214-2582 today.

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