Emergency Plumber: What To Do About An Overflowing Washing Machine | Carrollton, TX

Emergency Plumber: What To Do About An Overflowing Washing Machine | Carrollton, TX

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The last thing you’d want in your house is flooding. While broken pipes, poor drainage, and clogged rain gutters are common reasons, an overflowing washing machine can also result in flooding.

When you do spot a faulty washing machine, it’s best to seek help from an emergency plumber at the earliest. So, what leads to an overflowing washing machine, and what you can do about it.

What Causes Overflowing in Washing Machines?

Carrollton, TX, is a city with around 139,298 residents. Almost all of them enjoy an urban lifestyle. So safe to say, the household would own at least one washing machine. It’s better to know what causes overflowing, so you can avoid it.

A washing machine is a complicated appliance, and there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes. To understand overflowing issues, you need to understand how the water flows through the washer.

Everything starts with the supply valve. It is provided in the wall and controls whether the washer gets hot or cold water. Water is poured into the tub from the values through the two metal hoses. The hoses are fitted inside the washer that fills and drains the tub. There are several motors, pumps, and sensors that regulate the flow of water and the washing process.

If any of these components malfunction, then it can lead to a leakage or overflow. And that’s when you need an emergency plumber to deal with the issue.

Here are a few common reasons behind the overflow:

Loose Valves or Hoses

The main reason why people experience an overflowing washing machine is because of loose value or hoses. Therefore, the best place to start is to inspect the walls. Inspect the water supply values that are located next to your washing machine. They resemble two metal taps with a blue or red knob. If the taps are wet, then they might have become loose. Also, check the hose connection at the wall valve.

Unsecured Drain Hose

The drain hose is provided in the washing machine to allow the washer to dump out used water. The outlet is often located at the same place as the supply valves. But your machine might have the drain closer to the floor.

Either way, you need to look for a third hose that leads out of the washer. Check if it’s wet or is leaking. If the pipe is damaged or unsecured, then it will cause leakage. If there’s a problem with drainage, call a plumber to look into it.

Disconnected/Damaged Drain Pump

The drain pump is put in place to suck water out of the washer tub and then flush it down the drain. A broken drain pump will result in leakage and overflow. Or if it’s disconnected, then the leakage will be even more severe.

Damaged Internal Water Hoses

In some instances, you’d have to open up the washing machine to inspect the internal components, one of which is the internal water hoses. Multiple hoses are connected to the tub inside the washer. If these hoses located inside the washing machine get damaged, it will result in overflowing.

Damaged Tub Cover Gasket

If you own a top-loading washer and experience overflowing only during the spin cycle, then chances are the tub cover gasket is damaged. The gasket acts as a seal between the outer tub and the tub cover. The water then spills out every time the washer spins because of the broken seal. An emergency plumber can fix this issue as they have the right tools and skills for the task.

What to Do When Washing Machine Overflows?

When you experience an overflow in your washing machine, you can’t afford to mull over the spilled water. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Switch off the washing machine at the circuit breaker level. Make sure that you do not press the “Cancel” button located in the control panel. It can worsen the situation.


  • If you spot any water-sensitive items, like electrical gadgets, remove them from the flooded area and dry them.


  • Wipe the room and make arrangements to dry the space.


  • Take out the clothes you were washing from the washer.


  • Now, you need to figure out the real cause of the leakage. It can be any one of the above five mentioned reasons. Or it can be as naive as you overloading the machine. So check for the capacity and how many clothes you had in your washer.


  • Start with the water hoses. So pull the washer away and inspect the hoses. Replace them if you have spare hoses available.

A Test to Check If the Machine Works

Before seeking help from an emergency plumber, you can carry out a test at your end to check if the machine is working perfectly fine.

  • Perform a regular wash with no clothes.
  • Take out the machine’s manual. It should contain instructions on what to do when the cycle stops before the intended time.
  • If you notice a performance issue, it’s better to call the technician.

When Should You Call an Emergency Plumber?

When you spot an overflow from your washing machine, you have three options to seek help from:

  1. Electrician
  2. Appliance technician
  3. Emergency Plumber

Your first measure is to inspect the problem and report the issue to the company’s technical support team. You should follow their advice and direction. If you have an unexpired warranty, then claim it. Otherwise, you can call a local electrician to check for the problem. Call them only when your warranty is expired.

If you notice that the washing machine doesn’t drain as intended, then it’s a plumbing problem. A plumber can come in and check the hoses and drain pipes. If they’re clogged, then he can unclog them to ensure proper water drainage.

But if there isn’t a clog (as verified by the emergency plumber), you need to contact the technical team. The problem might be inside the washing machine.

Call a Local Emergency Plumber to Deal with an Overflowing Washing Machine

If it’s an urgent issue that must be dealt with immediately, seek help from local professionals. If you’re living in Carrollton, TX, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas immediately. Our emergency plumber will come and attend to you faster than professionals serving outside of Carrollton. Contact us at 469-573-2535.

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